Iron Man -
[Source: KHON 2 NEWS]

3-D Printing and comic books change lives as a three year-old Maui boy gets the “Iron Man” hand of his dreams.

I came across this heartwarming local news story from Maui that I could not help but share with the Film Fad community. On September 5th, Hawaii’s KHON 2 News released a report on Rayden Kahae, a young boy with Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS) causing him to be born without fingers on his right hand. What made this story so moving was how 3-D printing and “Iron Man” has changed the jovial young boy’s life for the better.

He knew he was different, so he wanted an “Iron Man” hand.

A company called E-Nable answered Rayden’s call, enlisting the use of a 3-D printer to create a custom “Iron Man” themed mechanical body-powered hand for only $50. Typically, a prosthetic hand, which costs around $40,000, would be a distant dream for many of those in need. Also, age is not a factor as the hand can be refitted as he gets older. While Rayden has become a real life “Iron Man,” it’s nice to see the hero inside of everyday people and companies.

Watch the news story below and pay special attention to the way Rayden lights up when he dons the red and gold gauntlet for the for the first time. Kudos to E-Nable for making a dream into a reality for Rayden and doing it for not one penny charged to Rayden’s family. Follow the e-Nable link to learn more about how this network of passionate volunteers is using 3-D printing technology to give the World a “Helping Hand.”