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Five Great Gambling Movies You Need To Watch Right Now

Five Great Gambling Movies You Need To Watch Right Now

The thrill and unpredictability of gambling have always attracted the humans. We find the stories mentioned from time immemorial. If you have ever been to a casino, you very well know the adrenaline rush if you are on a winning streak. So, if you are away from a casino and are less on money, then it’s better to enjoy the fun on the idiot box. Or even on your laptop, as long as you got the digital version of the movie with you.
The Top Gambling Movies You Do Not Want to Miss!

Here is a list of five greatest gambling movies of all times that you can spend your time on:

Ocean’s 11


Released in 2001, this one is a remake of 1960 movie directed by Lewis Milestone. The 2001 Steven Soderbergh directorial boasts of a star-studded cast with Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts. In the plot, a group of 11 friends plans a heist of three casinos simultaneously on the night of a boxing match. 
The casinos’ vaults were supposed to contain too much money. What makes this movie worth watching is the planning and its execution the best part of the plan was the inclusion of a Chinese acrobat. This man folds his body impressively to fit into a vault. Overall, the movie is worth watching with an equal proportion of thrill, suspense, love, friendship, and revenge.

The Gambler


While the Ocean’s 11 unfolds the thrilling conspiracy of looting three casinos, the gambler takes you through the journey of a gambling addict. The protagonist is a successful professor who loses everything because of his addiction to gambling. This 1974 classic features James Caan as Axel Fleed who gets trapped under debt but still fails to stop gambling. 

Casino Royale


Released in 2006, this James bond series movie features Daniel Craig and is by far one of the most entertaining movies on the backdrop of gambling. The high stakes poker games and the twists in the plot will keep you glued to your chair.

The Cooler


This 2005 William H.Macey starrer revolves around a man with utter bad luck. Different casinos hire him to stand near the tables so that the people lose their money and the house retains the edge. The story takes a turn when his luck changes and instead of the house, people begin to win. This costs him his job.



Clive Owen starred in this 1998 classic. All the previous movies were from the customer point of view. This one is from the dealer’s point of view. Clive takes up the job of a croupier when his writing career fails to take off. Against his judgment, he gets drawn into the casino life and becomes part of a casino heist.

If you are into gambling and casinos, these movies are going to make your experience just so much better! 
Which of these movies are you planning to binge watch this weekend? Or, which one of these have you already seen before? Let us know below!

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