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Netflix ‘Punisher’ Series Confirmed with Jon Bernthal

Netflix ‘Punisher’ Series Confirmed with Jon Bernthal


Netflix orders up a Punisher standalone series!

Ever since it was that Jon Bernthal would play the Punisher in Netflix’s “Daredevil,” fans have been hoping for a solo run at the character. Now the waiting has ended as Netflix has ordered up a Marvel spinoff series specifically about Frank Castle aka the Punisher that we got to know from “Daredevil Season 2.”

Marvel’s The Punisher marks the sixth series ordered (so far) as part of the collaboration between Netflix and Marvel Television, including the upcoming Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and the ensemble miniseries The Defenders – along with Jessica Jones and the aforementioned Daredevil. (And in case you’re wondering, as we are, whether Bernthal’s character will also be added to The Defenders lineup, that’s not yet clear – though it seems likely he’ll at least pop in for an appearance.)

I think we can officially welcome Jon Bernthal into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Netflix investing this much into the character. The Punisher has been a failure overall on the big screen and Bernthal’s version of the character has been the most widely accepted thus far. We’ve learned a lot about what not to do over the years and even had Adi Shankar’s re-imagining of Thomas Jane’s Punisher send the studios a message on what path to choose. The public is ready for dark and serious when it comes to the character and this season of “Daredevil” proved it.

Now with the confirmation that we’re not only getting a solo series but also an appearance in “The Defenders” spinoff, it seems that we may have our first Punisher that actually works.

How do you think this Punisher spinoff series will do? Will we finally get the character that we deserve or does the Punisher just not work?

This was first reported by EW.

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