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First photo for Vacation could mean trouble for Audrey

First photo for <em>Vacation</em> could mean trouble for Audrey

Griswolds National Lampoons Vacation

The first Griswold family photo emerges for National Lampoon’s “Vacation” sequel.

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard details of National Lampoon’s “Vacation” remake but now we have the first family photo pictured above. It looks like most of the gang has reunited but one family member seems to be absent from the photo.

Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo are present reprising their roles of Clark and Ellen Griswold and they are joined by their son Rusty portrayed by Ed Helms. The new additions to the family are Rusty’s wife Debbie played by Christina Applegate and their two children. The one character that is absent from the photo is Clark and Ellen’s daughter Audrey who will be portrayed by Leslie Mann.

Audrey Griswold Vacation

Audrey Griswold portrayed by Marisol Nichols in “Vegas Vacation”

Audrey has been in some trouble in the past films and is probably the more adventurous/rebellious child of Ellen and Clark. My guess is that Audrey could be feeding that rebellious nature in this “Vacation” remake and this could be the reason as to why she’s not in the photo. If you remember in previous films, Audrey was the one who seemed to dislike the family vacations and was more into her personal life. Whether it be a boyfriend like in “European Vacation” or exploring Vegas with her stripper cousin in “Vegas Vacation,” Audrey has consistently been the Griswold member seeking excitement.

Could Audrey be the outlier in the film that creates chaos in this wholesome family dynamic? With cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid) not being present in this “Vacation” sequel, it’s very likely that Audrey could be the wild card among the group. It may be speculation at this point but it would make for a very interesting plot if the film involves the story of reconnecting Audrey to the family. With many of the “Vacation” films there is a lot of chaotic comedy but in the end, they always seem to reconnect and reflect on how strong their family truly is.

What do you think of this theory?

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