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LEAKED Redesigned Apocalypse Image from ‘X-Men Apocalypse’ Surfaces

LEAKED Redesigned Apocalypse Image from ‘X-Men Apocalypse’ Surfaces


A new image of Apocalypse from “X-Men: Apocalypse” actually looks awesome!

Fox may have listened to fans about the recent negative response to the recent magazine cover revealing the characters. In a recently reported leaked image of the main villain Apocalypse, it looks like the character may have gotten quite the makeover.


Leaked Image of the Apocalypse redesign


Left: Apocalypse Right: Ivan Ooze

Fans were both ranting and laughing at the initial images of Apocalypse. Many noticed the uncanny similarities between him and the Power Rangers villain Ivan Ooze and the uproar began. With the purple tinted skin and the overly extravagant yet unintimidating costume, it’s no surprise why fans were so upset. They wanted Apocalypse to look comic book not comical.

Bryan Singer assured everyone that Apocalypse would look amazing and the image above may be keeping him honest. It could be that the Apocalypse we first saw wasn’t the “final product” or it could be that the fans had actually influenced Fox. Either way fans already seem to be responding in a positive manner after seeing this leaked image.

This new image looks much more like the intimidating villain that many know from the X-Men comic books. The more distinguishable outline of Apocalypse’s mouth, his glowing eyes, and the overall menacing look are geared much more towards the look of the character in the comics.

Bryan Singer is known for taking creative liberties with the “X-Men” films. Despite taking these liberties, his work on the films have been an overall success. Even though that success has been consistent it’s hard to say whether or not the original photo of Apocalypse was in the early stages or not. Despite the reason for the change, it seems as though the general response is much more positive compared to the first image we saw.

What do you think of the new image of Apocalypse?

This was first reported by Comic Book Movie.

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