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Lady Gaga Goes Vampire in ‘American Horror Story’ Photo Gallery

Lady Gaga Goes Vampire in ‘American Horror Story’ Photo Gallery


In the latest “American Horror Story Hotel” photos, we get to see Lady Gaga’s lust for sex and blood!

“American Horror Story: Hotel” is set to premiere on October 7, but while we’re waiting a gallery of photos have been released revealing many high profile characters. In the latest cover for Entertainment Weekly, we get to see Lady Gaga’s character’s thirst for blood as she graces the cover in an elegant but bloodstained manner. In addition to the cover photo we get to see the nature of Gaga’s character as she seems to be fueled by both sex and blood based on the photo gallery.

Supplementing Lady Gaga’s presence are a number of other AHS veterans including Kathy Bates, Angela Basset, and Sarah Paulson to name a few. We also get to see a few newcomers making their way to the hotel such as The Hunger Games star Wes Bentley and “New Girl” favorite Max Greenfield.


Kathy Bates returns to American Horror Story: Hotel

Lady Gaga is said to be known simply as the “Countess” who lives entirely off of vampire-like sustenance consisting of sex and blood. Though she is not officially referred to as a vampire, “American Horror Story: Hotel” is treating her “ancient condition” as if she were a vampire. From the photos above we can see that “Magic Mike: XXL” star Matt Bomer may be one of her victims as we see the two embrace in a very seductive pose.

The newcomers Wes Bentley, Naomi Campbell, and Max Greenfield should all be a welcomed addition to the cast with their given success. Wes Bentley has been making a comeback since his “American Beauty” stardom with big screen hits like “The Hunger Games” and Interstellar, Naomi Campbell recently reemerged as a regular on Fox’s Empire, and Max Greenfield is a comedic favorite on the hit show “New Girl” as Schmidt. While their performances in their respective roles have yet to be determined, these three newcomers should bring more attention to the already popular “American Horror Story: Hotel.”

Are you excited for “American Horror Story: Hotel?”

This was first reported by Entertainment Weekly.

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