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Skateboarders, Thrill-Seekers Will Enjoy ‘We Are Blood’

Skateboarders, Thrill-Seekers Will Enjoy ‘We Are Blood’


Thrill-Seekers will enjoy “We Are Blood!”

Skateboarding is a street-smart, thrill ride that won’t be leaving us anytime. Some people may grow out of it while others stick with it throughout their lives. Told with a passionate, and hyperactive tone, “We Are Blood” is an ode to the sport played around the world. I say sport because it is competitive, requires skill, and participants love playing it.

Well shot with energetic footage, and, at times, seamlessly edited to a jarring effect, “We Are Blood,” wildly succeeds at being a niche documentary and doesn’t pretend to be anything else. Viewers watch a lot of pretty cool moves as well as some interviews with a few boarders.


Well shot with energetic footage!

One element I found surprising about “We Are Blood” is how it embraces the notion of the skating community and how different cultures can bond over the sport. I appreciated how it showcases skateboarding on a global scale. Barcelona is perfect for skaters (and the granite ledge of Macba) Skatopia, an inclusive skateboarding community. The entire movie could’ve been about this little town.

“We Are Blood” reminded me of the SXSW Film Festival micro-hit “Sneakerheadz” (which is currently playing in limited release and VOD) as a way to sell passion to the die-hard fans, but also educates viewers on the international phenomenon. It is a fun ride.

However, over the course of the running time, “We Are Blood” does get repetitive as we see similar footage. Other than the few moments in Macba and Barcalona, it isn’t really a documentary with a cohesive story. It plays like a footage reel for skaters to embrace and love.

It is now playing in select theaters and available on Video on Demand (VOD).

  • Documentary Score


“We Are Blood” is a skateboarding documentary mostly for the fans, but audiences might appreciate moments of it.


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Seems this review was a little lack luster. Only a non skater would give this positive, bond creating, be a part of a passionate family movie 3 stars. Only a non skater would deny the relativity to the loss of brotherhood in the world we live in with a 3 star rating. This movie is and easy 4 stars possibly 4.5. Time to loose some credibility Kenny. I’m sorry but you gave a 2 star review.