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Kylo Ren Demands ‘Safe Space’ in ‘Star Wars Episode 8’

Kylo Ren Demands ‘Safe Space’ in ‘Star Wars Episode 8’


Kylo Ren plays to his millennial persona demanding a “safe space” from the light side in “Star Wars: Episode VIII.”

While Kylo Ren was a formidable foe in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, he could not escape the millennial label he was given by the internet after the film’s release. Now instead of ignoring this persona, Director Rian Johnson has decided that Adam Driver should embrace it and demand a safe space to protect him from the influence of the light side of the force.

These are “Star Wars” films for the next generation and that generation has spoken. Kylo Ren has become their representative and we’ve decided to mold him into what the fans truly want. [Episode 8] will be exciting because we’ll see Kylo Ren explore a new force power that allows him to block out those who have a dissenting opinion towards his motives.

If you haven’t seen “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” then first off, shame on you. Secondly, we’ve seen a lot of new advancements in the use of the force in this last film. Kylo Ren stopping the blaster bolt amazed quite a few people but “Star Wars Episode 8” should bring another interesting power about with Kylo’s “force safe space.”


Kylo Ren’s “safe space” should be his greatest power yet!

In lieu of an actual force shield, he will be able to block out all of the things that make him feel something that he does not want to feel. If Leia continues to be persistent in bringing him back to the light, he can now just demand Supreme Leader Snoke to teach him the ways of the “safe space” to protect his feelings and continue that path.

While Rey’s lightsaber to his face or a blast from Chewie’s bowcaster may be painful, we all know that nothing hurts as much as words. Fortunately for Kylo Ren and his new force power, he will no longer have to confront the reality of others’ opinions.

What do you think of Kylo Ren’s new powers? Be sure to click below for the biggest reveal of this story!

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