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Despite Poor Numbers Fox Still Wants Fantastic Four

Despite Poor Numbers Fox Still Wants Fantastic Four


Sorry Marvel, looks like Fox still wants the “Fantastic Four” franchise.

Despite poor reviews and poor box office numbers, Fox studios still claims that there is more to come with the “Fantastic Four.” According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox may be disappointed but they haven’t given up hope on the franchise.

“While we’re disappointed, we remain committed to these characters and we have a lot to look forward to in our Marvel universe,” said Fox domestic distribution chief Chris Aronson, declining to comment specifically on Fantastic Four 2.

With a budget of $122 million and an opening weekend (US) of $26 million, it’s hard to see Fox’s logic behind moving forward with the “Fantastic Four” films. Not only do the numbers incite worry, but so do the abysmal reviews from critics, fans, and even the film’s director Josh Trank. Even their first attempt at the franchise was profitable despite being poorly reviewed. It’s unfortunate for the franchise, but the latest “Fantastic Four” film is now considered the worst Marvel film adaptation to date (Yes, even “Howard the Duck” received better reviews).

Why would Fox want to continue with a franchise that could leave a stain on their name? Well some may wonder, but the answer is simple. Fox doesn’t want to give Marvel an edge. With their current track record, everyone (including Fox) knows that Marvel Studios could turn the “Fantastic Four” franchise into a success. If they gave up their rights to “Fantastic Four” now, it would show that they submit to Marvel and they would be giving their competitor a bit more fuel for the fire. There will be a time when Marvel needs to pull some new characters into the MCU and it makes sense that Fox wouldn’t want to give them the chance to pull in the “Fantastic Four” and all of the characters associated.

Despite what it may look like, this franchise has been a successful comic book series during Marvel’s beginnings. The books are also responsible for the introductions of many key characters. It might seem like a longshot, but maybe Fox does plan on finding a balance with the series in the future.

Logically, what do you think? Is it smart for Fox to hold onto the property?

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Marty Nozz

Holding onto something with no vision for it just seems petty. I’m curious about checking out the new FF movie. I really liked the previous films and was bummed that they decided to stop with that version. It is getting pretty ridiculous with the squabble over FF. Marvel hasn’t even solicited a new FF book post Secret Wars.







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