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‘Gambit’ Filming Starts in October with a HUGE Budget

‘Gambit’ Filming Starts in October with a HUGE Budget

Channing Tatum Gambit

“Gambit” will begin filming in October 2015 with a HUGE budget!

It seems as though Fox is giving the X-Men’s favorite Cajun his fair chance to join the X-Universe. Channing Tatum is set to star in the upcoming “Gambit” film which will begin filming this October according to Collider. While the start of filming is a fun surprise, it is the astounding budget that has me shocked. At $154 million dollars, “Gambit” is approaching the “X-Men: Days of Future Past” budget which had many more stars to spread the wealth to. Apparently Fox has a lot of faith in “Gambit.”

…the film will cost $154,975,309, over $111 million of which will be spent in Louisiana and about $30 million of which will go to local employees.”

The budget breakdown shows that the film’s focus will definitely be in Gambit’s home of Louisiana. With the majority of the money being spent in the state, I would say that the possibilities of an origin story being the focus are likely. In addition to the budget, the casting calls confirm the Gambit origin focus.

…the majority of the characters are criminals, so it looks like we’re gearing up for an origin story. For those who don’t know, Gambit was raised in the Thief’s Guild, which had a feud with the Assassin’s Guild. I don’t know if the film will break down into that specific conflict, but it’s definitely got a fair share of mobsters and thieves, and I like that. We need superhero movies that don’t have “end-of-the-world” stakes, and Gambit could comfortably exist at that level.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I am extremely excited for Gambit and I actually have faith in Channing Tatum playing the part. Years ago I had predicted that he would emerge as an A-List actor and transcend the “pretty-face” role. Now he no longer plays just a lead love interest, he’s done comedy, action, and even had Oscar-caliber roles in films like “Foxcatcher.” His dedication to playing Gambit as well as his love for New Orleans has me more confident in the film and him as the lead. Add that to a $154 million dollar budget and I would say that the studio has confidence in the film as well.

How do you feel about “Gambit?” Should we be excited for this film with this budget?

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