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Christopher Nolan to Premiere a New Short at Tribeca Film Festival

Christopher Nolan to Premiere a New Short at Tribeca Film Festival


Christopher Nolan has created a short film set to premiere at next month’s Tribeca Film Festival!

Christopher Nolan films are few and far between but tend to generate buzz once they’re announced. His latest film may have gone unnoticed for the most part but its debut is less than a month away. The reason this film didn’t receive much attention may be due to the fact that it is a short film.

Simply titled “Quay,” Tribeca Film recently announced this Christopher Nolan film as a sort of biographical short. The film revolves around the career of twin brothers Stephen and Timothy Quay who have gained a strong following for their work with stop-motion animation.

[Christopher Nolan] quietly made a new short film, titled Quay, about Stephen and Timothy Quay, a pair of Pennsylvania-born and London-based identical twins who’ve earned a large and faithful following for their stop-motion animation work.

“Quay” is meant to serve as a transitional introduction to a larger series of films which are set to be a part of the Tribeca Film Forum. The forum titled “The Quay Brothers – In 35MM” will be headed by Christopher Nolan himself so his lead in with a short film makes perfect sense.

Nolan has always carried a more artistic appreciation for film. His first few films “Following” and “Doodlebug” carried that artsy/indie vibe that expressed his appreciation for experimentation and the love of his craft. With “Memento” he gained a strong fan following due to the film’s creativity and limited release. Now with the short film “Quay” leading into the Tribeca Film Forum discussion, I think many may learn what he appreciates about filmmaking. As he leads the journey into the lives and work of two prominent yet widely unknown figures in film, we may too discover a newfound appreciation for the details of a film.

The forum is set for August 19 and you can buy tickets to the event here. As for what to expect, take a look at some of Stephen and Timothy Quay’s stop motion work in the video below.

How familiar are you with the Quay brothers?

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