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Former 007 Sir Roger Moore Passes Away at 89

Former 007 Sir Roger Moore Passes Away at 89


On May 23rd 2017, Sir Roger Moore has passed away.

Former James Bond actor and humanitarian Sir Roger Moore died from his fight with cancer in Switzerland. At the ripe old age of 89, Sir Moore had fought numerous health issues such as diabetes and different forms of cancer over the years. He is survived by his wife, Dorothy Tholstrup and 3 children. As said in their statement, “Thank you Pops for being you, and being so very special to so many people.”


Sir Roger Moore began his early career in the British Army becoming highly decorated for his service. Afterwards, becoming an actor and finding great success on TV in shows such as “The Saint.” Although most famous for being the second actor to play secret agent 007. He played the role of James Bond 7 (official) times in a row. Making him the actor with the longest record. After he left the role of Bond, he took a break from acting. Thanks to his friendship with Audrey Hepburn he became very involved in humanitarian efforts like with UNICEF and PETA.

Many fans of the James Bond series look down on him as the years have gone on and the series has gotten grittier. Like Adam West’s Batman it is best to look at his work on its own merits. Roger Moore is undeniably the funniest Bond with the best ability at quips. Many of his films are sillier, but that was always intentional. And in the cases where it was required, Moore could step up and show his range with darker moments. Hopefully with time some of these more cynical fans will take the time to give this Bond a more fair reappraisal for his contributions to the series. If nothing else take the time to remember what a kind, decent human being he was. R.I.P. Sir Roger Moore.

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