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Does Tsuburaya’s ‘Ultraman_n/a’ Clip Signal A Reboot?

Does Tsuburaya’s ‘Ultraman_n/a’ Clip Signal A Reboot?

Ultraman -

It’s Friday morning and I am perusing the book of faces, when a particular video still catches my eye. I think to myself “Hey, that looks a lot like Ultraman.” So, without delay I click on the mysteriously titled clip to see what it’s all about. I was not ready…

What starts of as a typical Tokyo afternoon (more specifically Shibuya), we see beautiful shot footage of pedestrians and skylines. The video then surprised me as the very Japanese setting was contrasted with English text and narration.

“In a time of destruction… He returns… The ultimate battle begins.”

7-7 Ultraman -

Mysterious “7.7” at the end of clip.

Suddenly the earth begins to violently tremble. As the tremors grow more and more intense, the once pristine crossing is breached as an awesome CGI Kaiju tears through the earths crust and bursts onto the surface. As the screaming crowds frantically disperse and all hope seems to be lost a very familiar yet hyper polished CGI Version of Ultraman stands tall to face the havoc wreaking monster. The two giants collide as the video quick shuffles through a few brief glimpses of combat then goes to a black screen featuring a sole and ominous “7.7” lettering.

Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd. began streaming this region-locked “ULTRAMAN_n/a” video on Friday with no description or further detail. Even the almighty google is suspiciously silent on the mysterious footage. Facebook holds the key to viewing the footage for yourself, although you may have to employ Japanese characters in your search to find it.

The latest live-action iteration of the iconic Ultraman, titled “Ultraman X,” premiered in Japan on July 14th and can be streamed through Crunchyroll. Is this footage a hoax, fan film, or just awareness grabbing ad?

Do you think this signals a forthcoming US Ultraman series or is it web marketing at it’s finest? We want to know, so tell us in the comment section below.

Update from Ryan to Pooya…here it is #RyanIsAwesomePooyaSucks

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This HAS to be real! It is just too cool not to be the real thing. The whole thing with his skin and musculature. Ultramen don’t wear costumes. That’s what they look like.







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