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Daniel Craig to Return as James Bond?!

Daniel Craig to Return as James Bond?!


SUPPOSEDLY Daniel Craig has signed on to return as 007 in the next James Bond film.

Now pay attention 007, this isn’t technically official yet. However, the word on the street is that the producers have managed to convince Daniel Craig to return. If that’s true then it means an official statement from EON is probably coming soon. It’s also said that producer Barbara Broccoli (daughter of original Bond producer Cubby Broccoli) is intent on also getting Adele to return to do the opening song. Some may have a problem with the idea, but singers returning is nothing new for this franchise. Remember that Shirley Bassey (“Goldfinger”) did the opening song for 3 Bond films, even an unused alternative for “Thunderball.” Whether or not this will come to pass is unknown, but there is precedent for it.


I’m sure some people reading this are probably thinking, “but I thought Daniel Craig was done with the series.” After all before “Spectre” came out he was very outspoken about how he “would rather slash my wrists than do another Bond film again.” That often quoted sentence seemed pretty definitive. However, I personally have a little theory about it. He had just done two Bond films back-to-back and was already being asked about the next one. Bond films are exhausting, big films and even if you really like it it’s probably going to feel like overkill in that scenario. Another thing I noticed with the likes of Sean Connery and Bill Murray and their famous roles is that if you keep asking them about returning to it they’ll get very bitter and just keep putting it down. Whereas the more time they’ve had away from their iconic character and people constantly asking them about it they are much more receptive.

The question remains though what does this mean for the Bond series? As stated before there seems to be no mention of Sam Mendes in these negotiations which given the lukewarm response to “Spectre” is… interesting. Not to get into spoilers, but for those who have seen it then you’ll remember things were pretty well wrapped up by the end. Sure no one watching expected things to stay that way, but needless to say the next film would HAVE to address some of these developments.

What do you think? Is Daniel Craig’s return to James Bond a good or bad thing?

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