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Casting Call: Blade, Ghost Rider and Moon Knight Netflix Series

Casting Call: Blade, Ghost Rider and Moon Knight Netflix Series

Ghost Rider aka Johnny Blaze


“Road to Damnation” Ghost Rider (2005-2006) | Ennis and Crain | Marvel.

Yeah, I’m good. Feels like my skull’s on fire, but I’m good. – Nicolas Cage | ‘Ghost Rider’ (2007)

Created in 1972, Ghost Rider tells the tale of stunt motorcyclist Johnny Blaze who agrees to trade his soul to a Satan-like demon named Mephisto to save the life of his father. In doing so Blaze inadvertently agrees to becoming a vengeful spirit who reaps death. By day, Blaze struggles with his demons (literally), but come nightfall night and when in the presence of evil, Blaze finds himself consumed by hellfire. His skeletal transformation leaves him with the signature flaming skull. Upon a fiery bike, the Ghost Rider blasts down demons with hellfire from his skeletal mitts.

In The Past…

Nicholas Cage - Ghost Rider - Casting Call- Blade, Ghost Rider and Moon Knight Netflix Series

Nicolas Cage (‘Ghost Rider’ and ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’)

I think we can all agree that it’s time for Cage to pass on the Ghost Rider torch (see what I did there?). While Cage’s acting style definitely gives the audience the impression that he is indeed possessed, it is unfortunately not by the ‘Spirit of Vengeance…’ It’s more like the spirit of a pokemon on angel dust. While I’m sure there are some diehard lovers of Cage’s Ghost Rider run, most will agree that it was far from perfect… or even good, really.


Our Pick:

Aaron Paul - Ghost Rider Blade Moon Knight

Aaron Paul in ‘Triple 9’ | PA Photo/Entertainment One.

Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman in ‘Breaking Bad’)

The duality of Johnny Blaze and Ghost Rider is one riddled with a serious inner turmoil, a spiritual tug-of-war with the darkness of Hell itself. With that being said, the character needs a nuanced touch. One from an actor that’s younger, but experienced. Gritty, yet introspective. Well, my answer to that call is “Magnets, b*tch!” That’s right, I think Aaron Paul, aka ‘Breaking Bad’s’ beloved Jesse Pinkman as the demon hunting inferno on two wheels. Not only does Paul have the look and appeal befitting the stuntman Johnny Blaze, he also has the dramatic range to instil some serious sense of guilt and spiritual conflict into the character. Given his recent and grit-riddled role in ‘Triple 9,’ I think we can all agree that Paul would fit the part like a glove.


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