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Casting Call: Blade, Ghost Rider and Moon Knight Netflix Series

Casting Call: Blade, Ghost Rider and Moon Knight Netflix Series

Moon Knight aka Marc Spector


Moon Knight (2006-07) | Huston and Finch | Marvel.

Created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin in August 1975, Moon Knight first appeared in the Marvel Comics published “Werewolf by Night” #32. Moon Knight tells the tale of Marc Spector, a highly skilled combatant who is imbued with the powers of an Egyptian Moon god to fight crime. Marc Spector is a complex character known to create numerous fake personas, from millionaire Steven Grant to taxi driver Jake Lockley, to aid him in his crime fighting.

In The Past…

Well… um. Marc Spector doesn’t really have a past on the big screen or small.  As a matter of fact, Moon Knight is a realatively unknown character to mainstream audiences.

Our Pick:

Ross - Marquand - Walking Dead - Blade - Moon Knight

Ross Marquand (Aaron in ‘The Walking Dead’)

While lesser known by general audience, Ross Marquand has quickly proven himself to the rabid fans of ‘The Walking Dead.’ Marquand definitely knows how to handle death and drama, both key factors in an effective rendition of the mystical Moon Knight. What really qualifies Marquand for the job is the plethora of impersonations that he is able to skillfully pull off. This talent would definitely help round out the role-playing alter ego of the Moon Knight, Marc Spector. Marquand also has the look to pull of both a Millionaire type, as well as a guy who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty.


Watch Vanity Fair’s “Celebrity Nano-Impressions with Ross Marquand” below for a glimpse of Marquand’s keen talent.

Are YOU excited for a Blade, Ghost Rider and Moon Knight Netflix series? Who do YOU want to see cast into those roles? We want to know, so tell us in the comments section below.

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