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Bruce Willis Out, Steve Carell In For Next Woody Allen Film

Bruce Willis Out, Steve Carell In For Next Woody Allen Film


It’s out with Bruce Willis and in with Steve Carrell for Woody Allen’s next project!

Woody Allen is in the news again but this time not for any “family” issues but for one of his actual movies. Bruce Willis has been fired from the famous director’s newest film and it has now been reported that Steve Carell will be taking over the role. As of this writing, the film remains untitled and doesn’t even have a distribution deal or release date yet. The plot is also unknown at this point however this is all common for Woody Allen films. Luckily it didn’t seem that they were only relying on Willis’ name to sell the movie as the cast also includes Blake Lively, Kristen Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg, Corey Stoll, Parker Posey and Ken Stott.

The reasons for Willis’ departure seem to depend on who you ask. Rumors say Bruce Willis couldn’t remember his lines which greatly frustrated the other cast and crew and would probably be a problem for writer/director Woody Allen. Willis and his representatives maintain that his leaving is due to prior commitments of starring in a play version of Stephen King’s “Misery”. Although some question the timing of those two events. Steve Carell, in addition to being a better known comedic actor, has already worked with Woody Allen before in 2004’s “Melinda And Melinda.”

Movie fans are well aware of how during the making of “The Purple Rose Of Cairo” the director replaced Michael Keaton with Jeff Daniels after a few days of filming. Although that apparently was a case of Keaton just not being right for the role (too modern of a style) and the two separated amicably. Here not only do we have two different stories of why the replacement, but sadly the story of Bruce Willis’ behavior is not that surprising. In recent years the actor has gained a reputation as being extremely difficult to work with on productions. From bullying director Kevin Smith on “Cop Out,” to being an awkward interviewee, to being fired on “Expendables 3.” All of which seem less likely to happen with Carell on set.

Do you think this was another case of Bruce Willis acting up?

This was first reported by Variety.

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