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Belle Gets Asked To Dinner In New ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Clip, But Is It Tamer Than The Animated Version?

Belle Gets Asked To Dinner In New ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Clip, But Is It Tamer Than The Animated Version?

Beauty and the beast

Beauty and the Beast has released a new clip on Yahoo Movies, and it shows almost the entire cast in action… but is it more “P.C.” than the animated version?

In the new clip we get a better look at Dan Stevens (“Downton Abbey”) as Beast just as he’s about to invite Belle (Emma Watson) to join him for dinner. We also get a closer look at Beast’s faithful servants and their colorful personalities as they coach him on how to be less of a brute and more of a gentleman. Meanwhile on the otherside of the door, Belle is seemingly in the process of trying to escape through her room window. The clip ends with a crowd pleaser when the focus cuts back to Beast being forced into a gnarl-toothed smile by his servants. Although the setup should be familiar to fans of the original animated version, is the scene kind of gentler than the original? Continue reading after the jump.



If you’ve seen the original animated version of “Beauty and the Beast,” then you’ll likely be pleased with the overall aesthetic of the film. The CGI looks outlandish and adorable, the Beast costume both werewolf-esqe and endearing, but something seems a bit more docile about the whole affair.

In the 1991 Disney animated classic, we see a much more aggressive Beast, as he savagely pounds at Belle’s door before having his temper wrangled by his servants. While the new live-action Beast is undoubtedly disgruntled, the animated version seemed much more angry and domineering, at least in this one particular scene. Was the choice to go a softer direction a bid to appease an increasingly politically correct audience or will we see the savage Beast and this is just a subtle cinematic prelude? I guess we’ll have to just wait to find out. Either way, I’m still headed to theatres on March 17th.

Watch Belle Get Asked To Dinner In The New ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Clip:

Watch Beast savagely pursue Belle in this clip from the original “Beauty And The Beast”:

Do YOU think the Beast will be tamer than before, or will he capture the pre-prince charming beastly lore of the original film?

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