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Author: Pooya

Five Reasons Why Wesley Snipes is a Badass

5. Nino Brown in New Jack City (1991)   *Sit* your five-dollar ass down before I make change.    In the late 1980’s, crack-cocaine was introduced to the rough New York City streets. Nino Brown (Wesley Snipes) is a cold-blooded and bad-to-the-bone mastermind who, with the help of his Cash Money Brothers gang, dominates the NYC drug game. Brown is a pragmatic and emotionless boss who has little to no patience for anyone, wether they be friend or foe. If you don’t believe me that Nino Brown is one ice-cold mofo, then check out these quotes from “New Jack...

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Wet Hot American Summer: Then and Now

  In 2001, writer/director David Wain and co-writer Michael Showalter gathered an immensely talented ensemble cast for a funny flick called “Wet Hot American Summer” about counselors trying to get things done on the last day of summer camp. Now 14 years later, Wain and Showalter are back with the full original ensemble in tow for an eight part Netflix series by the same name. With that said, a lot has changed in the past fifteen years. would like to take a moment to reflect on the past and present careers of the film’s core players.   Michael Showalter THEN:...

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New Ghostbusters Features A Fully Female Cast

I ain’t afraid of no…Girls? Director Paul Feig has once again proven to be a positive force for change in Hollywood as he goes all femme on his upcoming “Ghostbusters” reboot. That’s right, we all knew that Melissa McCarthy, who was one of the first big names associated with the project, has officially signed on. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the rest of the cast is slated to be a Studio 8H reunion as speculation has been substantiated with reports that Sony is in the late stages of contracting SNL alum Kristen Wiig and active players Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon....

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How to help The Lonely Whale Kickstart its Fantastical Tale

“For eleven-teen trillion years, fishes have roamed the monumental vastness that is the ocean.” What is it? Judging by the teaser clip, “The Lonely Whale” has the potential to be an artful recounting of a “fantastical tale.” The tale of a 20 something year old girl seeking her purpose in life as she traverses the vast expanses of her burgeoning city. These days it seems like the mundane and material centric post-recessecion generation floats through life caught between bewilderment and loneliness of spirit. What will be the fate of this Lonely Whale? Will her soulful aspirations be submerged by the cresting tsunami of...

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Sony Denies Spider-Man / Avengers Rumor, But Are They Lying?

Is Sony Pictures trying to “Honey Pot” America Again? Rumors of a Spider-Man/Avengers shared universe are openly denied by Sony, but is this all a ploy? So remember how, way back when, Sony Pictures allegedly got hacked by North Korea all because Kim Jong-Un got his britches in a bunch over Seth Rogen’s latest piece (of crap), “The Interview?” Well it happened, then Sony pulled the movie, then America exploded with protest, then Sony caved (or so they say) and released the horrendous Razzie nominated train wreck masquerading as a movie on select streaming platforms. Despite a prodominantly negative reception, Sony prevailed in testing a new distribution medium with “The...

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