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Author: Matt

On the Couch with Matt: Watching Others Play Video Games

Introducing non-gamers to Twitch is never easy, and I’ve also found it tough to introduce periodic gamers to the service as well. Something about sitting and watch someone play a video game or getting paid to play video games and make videos, which is a level you can achieve on both Twitch and YouTube, is a foreign concept to them. This is probably because video games have been frowned upon as a hobby and a fad for several decades. And even though video games are swimmingly going through a new phase of their evolution, it still may take a little bit longer for the general public to fully accept the fact that people can now be paid for making YouTube videos and playing games on Twitch… all while thousands of people from all over the world watch them at various times throughout the day.

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GamingFad Hangout: Until Dawn – Guess The Survivor!

These sessions are called “hangouts” because I want them to be all about relaxation, conversation, and entertainimanation… that’s a word I just randomly came up with, but that’s the beauty of it! GamingFad Hangouts weren’t a thing until I just randomly came up with them out of the blue, and it only took me a few seconds to recognize they would be a good idea. While just watching me play a game may not be that interesting at times, I’ve decided to add in a few extra flavors that will hopefully amp up the appeal of coming to hang out at my Twitch channel.

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Ideas & Thoughts: What’s Next For Sports Games?

Sports games will always be my fallback when it comes to video games. Whenever I need a break from raging on “Dark Souls” or from crying during “Valiant Hears: The Great War,” sports games are always there to keep me entertained. I can play game after game, and if I get tired, I can switch to a different sport. It’s great, and I even like to create an entire team and have an impromptu story go along with them for a season or two.

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Review: Batman: Arkham Knight

“Batman: Arkham Knight” is an incredible third installment of an incredible series. It’s M-rating gives it the extra edge it needed to be vastly different from its previous predecessors. Is it still Family-friendly? For the most part, yes it is, but there are several moments throughout the main story and side missions that you may want to turn your kids’ heads away. After those moments, enjoy the incredible voice acting, gorgeous graphics, and perfect story inside the grand city of Gotham. Oh, and take a the Batmobile out for a spin as well, just remember to return it with a full tank.

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