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Author: Matt

Random Movie Monday Review: ‘Soldier’ Salutes with Bullets

At the end of the day, “Soldier” is good ol’ fashioned sci-fi action fun. After starting off like a sci-fi adventure preparing to have a deep emotional core and a wonderful character arc for the protagonist, the movie takes an abrupt turn at the halfway mark that sends it into a quintessential shoot-em-up action flick. There’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes movies don’t need intricate stories and characters. Sometimes they just need to be fun with a satisfying ending. “Soldier” does just that, but throughout I kept finding myself wanting more and hoping for something I could truly sink my teeth into story wise. When I finally figured out that wasn’t going to work out in my hopeful favor, my mind’s eye shifted to the film’s technical aspects and artistic designs, which do not disappoint in the slightest.

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Review: ‘Captain Fantastic’ is Fantastic

Captain Fantastic: Get ready for a wonderful piece of cinema that will rock your world physically, emotionally and socially. Viggo Mortensen brings one of his best performances yet, but we cannot forget about the rest of the cast. Everyone is perfectly casted, and George McKay and Nicholas Hamilton really shine bright along side Mortensen, who is for sure the center of this masterful universe. There’s enough in this movie to make you laugh, cry and judge yourself while also judging the conventional traditions of the American way. It’s a road-trip movie about an off-the-grid family, but it definitely isn’t family friendly. Many issues ranging from suicide, religion, America’s educational system, and mental illness are discussed and examined in gruesome detail at times. So, once the kids are asleep, be prepared to be captivated from beginning to end. This is a good one!

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Review: ‘Central Intelligence’ Throws Pebbles, Not Rocks

“Central Intelligence” had all the right tools to be a summer hit, but it falls short in more ways than it really should’ve. Kevin Hart actually shows off more acting chops than just his famous comedic rants, but Dwayne Johnson is the real problem with the film. He’s, of course, a great actor, but this role wasn’t right for him, giving the whole film a stiff, awkward and uncomfortable energy. If you’re dying to see the movie, then see it and enjoy the excellent action sequences and the few brilliant comedic moments. In my personal opinion, wait for it to come on Netflix or cable. While the action sequences are great, everything in between comes off as either dull, generic or predictable despite Kevin Hart’s comedic efforts.

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