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Author: Matt

Review: ‘Flock of Dudes’ Tickles The Heart and Funny Bone

I can relate to many aspects of this adult coming-of-age tale, because… well, I’m a late-bloomer like these guys. So much so that several of the situations in this story are very similar to the ones I’ve experienced out here in Los Angeles, where the movie takes place ironically. This fact automatically triggers a relatable engine on my end, but “Flock of Dudes” is so smart and so well structured that it will entertain a wide array of audiences. Some of the comedic devices may be too over-exaggerated and campy for a small percentage of viewers, but the honesty lying beneath the superficial layers will send a bolt of charm through audiences across the globe.

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Full Review – Destiny: Rise of Iron

Rise of Iron may not be as monumental or as large as Taken King. This sweet expansion adds blueberries to an already excellent bowl of cereal. Don’t like blueberries with your cereal? Rise of Iron will surely turn you into a fan with its difficulty, new zone and raid, and more exciting endeavors you can enjoy by yourself and with your friends.

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Review: WWE Clash Of Champions [2016] PPV

Here we are with Raw’s first new Pay-Per-View of the new WWE Era! The show took place in beautiful Indianapolis, Indiana: a perfect and historic setting for a historic night. Raw had big shoes to fill tonight because Smackdown’s latest PPV, “Backlash,” rocked the house a few weeks back and led the charge of the new WWE era in extremely fashionable style.

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First Impressions: ‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’ on Xbox One

For now, I do recommend “Rise of Iron” to old and new Destiny players. It has been a blast to play for the first few hours. There’s also a lot of anticipation for experiencing all of its content with my friends. Will it rock your world like “The Taken King” did? No, but that’s because none of us were expecting “Taken King” to be as awesome as it was.

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Review: WWE Backlash [2016] PPV

Here is Smackdown Live’s first PPV of the new WWE era! Two new champions were crowned tonight, and two champions had to defend their titles against the innovative offenses of their opponents. The build up to the PPV was so-so, but there have been plenty of excellent shows that had terrible build-ups to precede them. Tonight really was a historical night, and what better city to do it in than historic Richmond, Virginia, which I grew up only an hour away from.

As the new brands continue to discover their new and fresh identities, it’s important start off on a strong foot and keep getting stronger and stronger. WWE Fans have dealt with too much indecisiveness and lackluster outcomes for too long, so our abilities that trigger happiness and forgiveness are running along a very thin line. Yes, the brand split has created some interesting pops and exciting storylines, but will it all eventually settle down to the familiar bore we’ve come to loath? Boy I hope not, and tonight is a prime example of why Smackdown is leading the charge that’s going to keep turning up the heat in WWE.

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