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Top 4 High Stakes Gambling Movies

Top 4 High Stakes Gambling Movies


Gambling is a very controversial topic, and so are the movies that promote it. But if you are a 21st century gambler who understands that gambling is all about winning and losing (depending on your strategy), you’ll want to familiarize yourself with everything related to gambling, including movies whose themes are based on casinos. So if you have always wanted to play slot games at a secure online casino, getting a hang of it through the following movies would give you a clue on where the world is headed.

Croupier (produced in 1998)



This 1998 Clive Owen movie is based on a theme which promotes various casino fares. Owen wants to become a successful writer in the future which never happens because he is lured into gambling by his shady father. Later on, he realizes that novel writing isn’t bringing for him an influx of cash, and that giving up on his previous ambition to embrace gambling would be a noble course. The most interesting part is when he decides to write his casino story in a novel. In this book, he narrates how a casino had strict set of rules for its employees, although these rules were later broken for the sake of writing the story. The plot thickens.

The Hustler (produced in 1961)


The Hustler

This is a classic film which portrays Eddie Felson (Newman) battling with his greatest enemy — his ego. On the other hand, Minnesota Fats (Gleason) plays the role of his foil. Gleason is a decently dressed professional player whose main goal is to defeat his enemy and walk out of the billiards table with cash. The Hustler also features a gay character called Piper Laurie. He is a very progressive feminine character. However, this character doesn’t end well because of her progressivism. But still, this is 1961, and the character deserved some appreciation in the movie.

Double Down (produced in 2001)


Double Down

This movie is about televised sports betting. If you are not a fan of gambling, you will find it extremely long and boring. Basically, the movie depicts the lifestyles of various men in their 30s who are trying to achieve their end goals through betting. This movie also got some poker viewers very angry because it led them to believe that poker was involved when that was not the case. But of course there was some blackjack involved, and that’s good news for people who live and dream blackjack when combined with sports betting.

Rounders (produced in 1998)



This movie will please every poker enthusiast out there because it speaks the right message at the right time. It depicts that poker doesn’t factor in the element of luck to make you win. Instead, it’s a game of statistics which can be mastered to walk out with profits. Isn’t that true? Well, you will get the answer when you watch Rounders.

And now that you have read this list, try, and watch any of those and you will see things from another perspective concerning the world of gambling. Successful gamblers are never rigid people. They are open-minded and are always willing to try various gaming platforms such as Red Flush Online Casino.

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