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Author: Glenn

Founder of Terra-Rising Films Mike Ricucci talks about Music Therapy and his upcoming documentary

We had the chance to sit down with Founder of Terra-Rising Films Mike Ricucci. He is also the director of a soon-to-be-named music therapy documentary. We got a chance to talk about many things including traveling the world and making a positive mark on society in addition to his new untitled project. The project will be a journey where we witness the transformative power of music and how it can and has changed lives. The music therapy tour has made its way through 47 countries US and 3 South American countries. What started out as a record label is...

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Regina Casé is the Second Mother you wish you had; Que Horas Ela Volta?

I’m so glad I am learning Portuguese. Had I not been learning this wonderful language I might have missed out on this incredible foreign film. Anna Muylaert directs and really knocks it out of the park in a film that hits on many cylinders. “Que Horas Ela Volta” tells the story of Val (Regina Casé), a hard working and loving live-in housekeeper/nanny that has pretty much become part of the family she works for. When her estranged daughter, Jessica (Camila Márdila) comes to live with her in preparation for college entrance exams it quickly becomes apparent exactly what her...

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The Sam Smith ‘Spectre’ Theme is on Target!!!

Word on the street is that Sam Smith’s 007 theme song for SPECTRE has been released via Spotify. The links have not been as reliable as one would hope but we here at FilmFad were able to give it a listen. Here are some thoughts on the shaky, slightly stirring tune . (See what I did there..) First things first let’s all just acknowledge that Adele pretty much reset the bar for Bond Themes with “Skyfall.” “Diamonds are Forever” was the title holder (in my opinion) until that point but “Skyfall” far and away epitomizes what a Bond theme...

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Inside Out is an Emotional Amusement Park!

So not to long ago we took a look at Disney’s slate of 2015 movies. “Inside Out” was a movie that I was surprisingly excited for. I don’t know why I deemed it a surprise. Pixar always makes awesome heartfelt movies. I said as much, and Inside Out is no exception. I really loved this movie. It’s like my favorite of the year so far (tied with Avengers:Age of Ultron… because I’m a superhero super nerd). “Inside Out” takes us into the mind and inner workings of a young girl named Riley as she deals with her emotions. Oh...

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