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Author: Glenn

What “Homeland is Racist” Making it to Air Means

“Homeland is racist?” In the October 11 episode of “Homeland: The Tradition of Hospitality” street artists were commissioned to make the set look more authentic. The scene, which takes place in a Syrian refugee camp, features graffiti that was supposed to display phrases that might be found scrawled on walls in the region. The commissioned artist took the opportunity to bring to light their opinion of the show. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter the artists wrote phrases such as “Homeland is Racist,” “Homeland is a joke and it didn’t make us laugh,” and “Homeland is watermelon” in Arabic....

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So Just How Racist is Quentin Tarantino?

While promoting his soon to be released post-Civil War western The Hateful 8 Quentin Tarantino spoke with The New York Times Style Magazine. In the interview Quentin Tarantino defended his use of the N-Word in recent films.     “When the black critics came out with savage think pieces about “Django,” I couldn’t have cared less. If people don’t like my movies, they don’t like my movies, and if they don’t get it, it doesn’t matter. The bad taste that was left in my mouth had to do with this: It’s been a long time since the subject of...

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Darryl “DMC” McDaniels Raps About His New Comic

Film Fad recently had a chance to talk to Darryl “DMC” McDaniels about his comic book production company Darryl Makes Comics (DMC-Comics). The history of Run DMC as pioneers in hip-hop and culture is well documented but what is not as well known is that DMC actually was into comics much deeper than he was into music. Music was a fall back for him. Kind of crazy when you think that his fall back sold 10s of millions of copies and changed popular culture in America along the way. If that is any indication the world of comics better...

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‘The Final Girls’ Slays in the Best Way

Every now and then a movie comes along and goes beyond what it should be. It breaks genre lines and surprisingly finds a place in your heart. “The Final Girls” slashes its way into that special place. At first glance it would be easy to ascribe “The Final Girls” to a place amongst common horror fair. I had no idea what to expect going in but early on it appeared to be a horror movie and I accepted that I was going to get that. However this feeling was soon jolted away with clever, motivated camera techniques and a...

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