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Author: Glenn

Disney’s 2015 Movie Slate Excitement Gauge

Disney’s Upcoming Movie Slate for 2015 Cinderella 3-13-15 Avengers Age of Ultron 5-1-15 Tomorrowland 5-22-15 Inside Out 6-19-15 Ant-Man 7-17-15 Jungle Book 10-9-15 The Good Dinosaur 11-25-15 Star Wars 12-18-15 So Variety Editor Marc Graser tweeted out a picture of Disney’s upcoming film slate. While we won’t get too far ahead of ourselves with the 2016 films lets take a look at the 2015 motion pictures. Here they are complete with my anticipation factor. Disney’s Cinderella – 3/13/15 Mildly Excited A live action remake of the Disney classic. I am always interested to see how these films adapt to...

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MiB Jump Street crossover could be fun

So ScreenRant has an article up about a potential merging of two hilarious franchises…“Men in Black” and “Jump Streets (21-22)”. Say whaaaaa… this is kind of mind-blowingly fun. What may come as a surprise, though, is Sony’s plan to fuse the Jump Street series with another one of their big screen brands: Men in Black. (Feel free to pause and re-read that if necessary.) The news comes courtesy of both the hacker leaks that have strewn Sony’s best-kept secrets across the breadth of the Internet, as well as reporting by The Wall Street Journal. I was wondering if they...

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What do YOU want to see in Battle of the Five Armies?

The final installment in “The Lord of the Rings” prequel is due out Wednesday. While it will no doubt be successful and rake in enough dough to fill the caves of Erebor, will it be fulfilling is a better question. The first two movies were entertaining and while they have their deficiencies they largely delivered in spectacle. Here is my list of the five things I would like to see in the last and final installment. 5. Less of the lovey dovey stuff I know it is poor form to start a list of what I want with something...

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Agents of SHIELD finale brings Agent Carter excitement

Will Marvel’s “Agent Carter” keep the TV momentum going? I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe and with the amazing reveal on Agents of Shield’s midseason finale (no spoilers), I am starting to get just as excited with their TV properties. Enter Agent Peggy Carter into the mix. You may remember her as the kickass British Army officer/ Strategic Scientific Reserve agent (SSR) and Steve Rodgers’ love interest in the “Captain America: The First Avenger.” The question is how will she fit into the Cinematic universe? Not much is known but we do know Howard Stark will play some role...

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