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The Sam Smith ‘Spectre’ Theme is on Target!!!

The Sam Smith ‘Spectre’ Theme is on Target!!!


Word on the street is that Sam Smith’s 007 theme song for SPECTRE has been released via Spotify. The links have not been as reliable as one would hope but we here at FilmFad were able to give it a listen. Here are some thoughts on the shaky, slightly stirring tune . (See what I did there..)

First things first let’s all just acknowledge that Adele pretty much reset the bar for Bond Themes with “Skyfall.” “Diamonds are Forever” was the title holder (in my opinion) until that point but “Skyfall” far and away epitomizes what a Bond theme should be. Powerful, sweeping, inspiring, relevant, fun, a karaoke go to…well maybe not that, but you get what I mean. It’s pretty much everything. Also let’s acknowledge that “Die Another Day” was probably one of the worst although very catchy to dance to when infused with absinthe or mass amounts of vodka.

So with that said, when first hearing that the theme had been released I searched feverishly for a clean version, only to be met with instrumentals. After hearing the instrumental I thought to myself it was too soft, no punch.

Upon a second listen and hearing what Sam Smith’s powerful vocals did for the lyrics, the punch was much more evident. It becomes strikingly clear what a talent Sam Smith is.

Even still I felt the theme fell just a bit short of the aforementioned best. The song hints at the emotional torment that Bond may go through in “SPECTRE” and perhaps searching for reason to continue as the song asks, “Is this where I give up?”

Obviously it is silly to try to draw comparisons without seeing the film first but I am getting the feeling that the new Bond girl (Monica Bellucci, Lea Seydoux, or perhaps Stephanie Sigman) will be more than eye candy.

I am still waiting to see if Idris Elba dons the suit and orders our shaken not stirred favorite (maybe not). If that happens, the Bond theme should just be him humming or grumbling over a piano or something. That’s the theme I’m waiting for.


What do you think of Sam Smith’s theme?

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