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Archer Season 7: Will Archer Survive Another Season?

Archer Season 7: Will Archer Survive Another Season?


Archer: LANA!?! LANAAAA?!?!
Lana: WHAT!?!?
Archer: (snickers) Danger zone.


Archer first aired in 2010

We all love to hear Archer’s yells echoing through our heads, but is the hit television series “Archer” in the danger zone? Some critics have remarked that season six was not as versatile as previous seasons. Specifically, they felt as though the writers have exhausted the catch-phrases (yeah, Kenny Loggins’ starring in an episode was a bit much) and reverting to the original “Archer” format. Not to mention having to change Archer’s spy organization, ISIS, due to the real-life terrorist group, must have been a complication. However, producer Adam Reed indicates that he renewed the series and has big plans for it.

While he admits that writers take a brief intermission between writing seasons, he has some ideas brewing that he’s hoping will stick including building on Woodhouse’s character development, expanding the breadth of Archer’s emotions, and bringing on guest stars including….drum roll, please…Daniel Craig.

First airing in 2010, “Archer” continues to bring audiences a fresh new take on adult animated humor. How do they keep producing a show that maintains audiences’ interests? Certain elements stand out to me that make it success.

  • 1. Archer’s crude behavior and awesome quotes
  • 2. Unhealthy, yet hilarious relationship between characters
  • 3. Hidden background about characters, such as Dr. Krieger and Mallory Archer
  • 4. Memorable quotes
  • 5. Creator’s bold and necessary move to continually expand character development

Although the official airing date of “Archer” is not announced, rumors circulate that it will air around January 2016. Grab your favorite drink, get your ocelot ready, and be prepared to get in the DANGER ZONE!

Do you think the show Archer has what it takes to survive another season?

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