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Top 5 “Guilty Pleasure” Films

Top 5 “Guilty Pleasure” Films


Matt’s Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Films

We all have those movies. You know what I’m talking about. The ones where you’re too embarrassed to tell your friends you like because it’s too manly or girly. The one you are hesitant to reveal to your boyfriend or girlfriend. The one you’re afraid to talk about at work because your co-workers/boss might think you’re unprofessional and not a grown-up. And then you have the ones you just don’t want to reveal to anyone. Well, it’s time; I’m going to share my top five “Guilty Pleasure” films with you today.

I don’t believe I have any real “shockers” or anything like that, but they are films I still sometimes feel reluctant about bringing up in a conversation or on a date. I really shouldn’t be, yet there’s something about them that just makes me nervous to reveal them to new people. I could not care less if my friends laugh; they have their own guilty pleasure films as well (“Gigli” being one of the more popular ones). No, it’s the new people. I shouldn’t be nervous about what’d they think of me, yet it’s one of those feelings I cannot shake when it comes to these five.

5. “The Notebook”


5. The Notebook

Yup, starting off with a bang. When it comes to guys and this movie, most will put it at number one, but for me, this film is excellent. It’s one of the best loves stories to hit the screen, and the book isn’t bad either. I won’t go into why I believe most guys totally bash this movie, but this is one of those films I don’t mention on a date or when I’m in a bar, unless I’m with my closest friends. Now, there’s always a chance someone will like you more or respect you more for being so brave and honest, and I’m not afraid people won’t like me or anything, so I mainly keep it hidden to avoid the initial bashing from guys, and some women, who haven’t seen more than 20 minutes of the film. Their bashing doesn’t hurt my feelings; it’s just annoying. So, I avoid it, and keep on respecting this film for its excellent script, perfect performances and emotional soundtrack.

4. “Cats”


4. Cats

I have no problem telling people I love musicals, but this one always keeps me hesitant from time to time. It’s one of the weirdest musicals I’ve ever seen, but I can’t get enough of it. The music, choreography, costumes, lighting, set design and lip-syncing make this something I could watch every day. It’s a comfort film of mine, and there’s some excellent dancing that fills me with the utmost respect for the performers. I’m getting better with talking about this one, and in no way is it my favorite musical, though I always mute it or turn it off when the door bell rings or when I get a phone call. So, I guess I want to keep my admiration for this one a secret for a little while longer.

3. “The Girl Next Door”


3. The Girl Next Door

Okay, if you were a teenager when this movie came out and saw all the marketing, you had the perception that it was going to be a “dirty” movie. So, what hormone-driven teenager wouldn’t want to see it? Well, I got a surprise. After my first viewing, this movie became one of my favorite movies. Not because of the “dirty” aspects, but because it’s a solid film with some great performances by young actors and the heart at the plot’s core beats with charm and love. The film is “dirty,” but then it isn’t. Even so, that perception is what keeps me from talking about it on a date. A lot of women haven’t seen this movie because of its dirty exterior/provocative front cover. Whenever I have brought up my admiration for the film, most females’ eyes immediately go into that “judgment” mode, which usually means I’ve struck out. I admire this film for its heart and character development, and Timothy Olyphant is one of the best parts, but I only make sure to reveal my fondness for it to a female on the third date or so.

2. “White Christmas”


2. White Christmas

I used to hate this movie. We watched it every Christmas while overly decorating our Christmas tree. I would tell my family how much I hate it, I would tell my friends how much I hate it and I would tell my dog how much I hate it. The problem is I’ve started to like it over the past few years during our decorating extravaganza. My family doesn’t know, and I still act like I loath the thing more than “Citizen Kane,” but you’ll find me peeking at the screen while I’m attaching a green plastic hook to a metal ornament. The plot and story might be generic by today’s standards, but the music and choreography bring me nothing but smiles, which are very difficult to hide by the way. I’ll tell my family one day, or they’ll probably just read this article anyways, but either way, it’s one of those movies I’m too proud to admit I like after so many years of bashing it into the ground.

1. “Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius”


1. Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

If you ever come over to my house and witness my writing routine, you’ll find that this movie is one of my go-tos for having on my TV in the background. I don’t care about revealing how much I love this movie to my friends, family or the lovely females, but when it comes to co-workers and a boss, no. I once lost a job opportunity for mentioning I liked this movie during an interview. I’m serious. The man looked at me and said, “We’re looking for more professionalism around here.” I left and laughed in my car all the way home, but still, that day lingers in my subconscious. I guess since “Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius” is a children’s cartoon, it ruins the validity of my manhood and professionalism. I can understand not wanting a childish adult to be a part of your office staff, but a good movie is a good movie. It’s funny, has a good story and always makes me feel better when work gets too stressful or I need a break from the computer screen. It’s one of those movies that I can’t wait to share with my kids one day, yet I’m reluctant to admit my fondness in a professional setting. Oh well, one day when I own my own production company, I’ll welcome all talk that is “Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius,” but until then it will remain my number one guilty pleasure film.

What are some of your “Guilty Pleasure” Films?

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