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Andre the Giant Film in Development

Andre the Giant Film in Development


Fans of professional wrestling all have their own specific favorites for whatever their reasons may be.

Certainly one of the most famous and popular and bound to be on a lot of people’s lists would be Andre the Giant (real name: Andre Roussimoff). While professional wrestling may be fake, Andre was one person I doubt any sane person would want to pick a real fight with. Now “Chef” producers Dylan Russell and Scott Steindorff are teaming up with Lion Force Comics to create a biopic on the wrestler’s life. They were given the rights by Andre’s daughter Robin Christensen-Roussimoff.


The film is set to adapt last year’s biography on him called “Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven.” Not what makes this a little more interesting is that this biography was actually a graphic novel instead of a traditional book. Even more interestingly it’s the second graphic novel biography about the life of Andre the Giant. Movie fans probably know him best as the gentle giant Fezzik in “The Princess Bride” which was written specifically for him in mind. Wrestling fans of my age range will remember his matches with WWF wrestling “hero” Hulk Hogan (my how times have changed).

The main question is who do you cast in this sort of role? Do you try to find someone physically similar to Andre himself? Well good luck finding someone that large and who can actually act. Do you cast a regular sized actor and use makeup and/or CGI to make him big enough to look the part? That could easily make things more expensive quickly and look unnatural if you don’t have the right people working on it. Either way the casting department has their work cut out for them. No info such as release dates or directors have been announced yet.


What do you think? Are you excited to see a biopic about the life of Andre the Giant?

This story was first reported by Variety

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Matthew Brunhofer

TOOOOOOOO excited for this. Remember that article I wrote about how more wrestling biopics/wrestling films need to hit the screen, BOOM! They listen to me. LOLOL But in all seriousness, if any professional wrestler, living or dead, deserve a motion picture, then Andre is definitely near the top of the list. Hopefully this is the spark of a new wave of wrestling biopics, because there are too many that need them.

Eric Pace

I don’t know if every wrestler needs one. I can’t imagine that Jake the Snake movie would be all that interesting lol. However I agree I’ve been hoping they’d make a biopic about Andre for a long time.

Matthew Brunhofer

I agree every wrestler shouldn’t get one, but Jake the Snake is for sure a superstar that needs one. His rise to fame, invention of the DDT, descent into alcoholism, disconnection from his family, confiding in Diamond Dallas Page, induction into the hall of fame, and still on the road to recovery to this day is the perfect set up for a heartbreaking and uplifting story.

Eric Pace

oh ok lol I actually just wrote Jake the Snake as lesser known wrestler as a joke. I didn’t know he actually legitimately had that much to work with.







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