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10 Funniest Female Comedians: Dispelling the Myth Women Aren’t Funny

10 Funniest Female Comedians: Dispelling the Myth Women Aren’t Funny

Top 10 Funniest Female Comedians: Dispelling the Myth that Women Aren’t Funny

There I was, sophomore year in high school (not my best year after getting a Michael Jackson haircut and acne), everyone is quietly bubbling in the demographic section of the SATs, and I am desperately looking for the option “comedian” under the category “desired future occupation.”

So, I didn’t quite make it as a comedian (my current credentials = clinical psychology), but I can remember why I was so passionate about becoming one. They are bold, can make anyone laugh, and most of all, they are role models.

Recently there has been some discussion about whether female comedians are as funny as male comedians. With comedian Amy Schumer’s new movie “Trainwreck” coming out this July and Bonnie McFarlane’s documentary “Women Aren’t Funny,” it is time to set the record straight and prove that women are just as funny as men.

Here is my list of the top ten best female comedians:

10. Maria Bamford


10. Maria Bamford

Many of you may be scratching your head trying to figure out who Maria Bamford is. She may not be as popular as some of the other women on my list, but she certainly has earned her right to be mentioned. She is recognized by her unique child-like voice and her ability to imitate many of her dysfunctional family members’ voices. In recent years she appeared in the hit series “Louie” and been the female voice for many characters on “Adventure Time.” I personally love Maria Bamford because she is fearless. She integrates her Bipolar II diagnosis into her skits by singing about depression and anxiety, and shares personal stories about her family. In a NY Times article the author referred to Bamford as “weird, scary, and ingenious.” She is this and so much more.

Favorite Joke: “So, we have this new game in my family called whackajoy. It is basically a game where someone tells you something nice that has happened to them, and before they can feel good about themselves, someone WHACKS the joy out of it. My mom is the best at it.”

9. Amy Poehler


9. Amy Poehler

If I could choose a fictional best friend it would be Leslie Knope from “Parks and Recreation.” She always has me laughing and she displays true loyalty toward her friends. While we may all know Amy Poehler from “Parks & Rec,” she has been appearing on television since 1996 and doing improv before we could even walk (well, maybe before some of us could walk). Since that time has starred in several movies, been a cast member on SNL, and directed “Welcome to Sweden” and “Broad City.” Poehler stands out from other comedians because she doesn’t have to be vulgar or unkind – she’s just original.

8. Joan Rivers


8. Joan Rivers

Say what you must about Joan Rivers….she’s shallow, fake looking, and incredibly offensive. However, Rivers got ahead of the game by her honest jokes and not her appearance. In the words of the late Rivers “I succeed because I say what everyone else is thinking.” She certainly did. I give her the credit for helping more recent comedians say outrageous things without worrying about censorship.

Favorite Quote: “I don’t exercise. If God had wanted me to bend over, he would have put diamonds on the floor.”

7. Betty White


7. Betty White

Who’s that grandma cracking jokes on the screen? That’s right folks, it’s America’s sweetheart, Betty White. For many she is recognized as the lovable, but ditzy, Rose on Golden Girls. She has been making quite a comeback as a comedian, despite her age. She has made guest appearances on SNL, starred in her own reality show, and becoming more popular to a much younger fan base. Perhaps some of her humor comes from the fact that she is an older woman doing activities that typically fit in the younger generation, but hey, if you got it….flaunt it.

Skit to Watch: Go back and watch Betty White on SNL’s Scared Straight skit.

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