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10 Funniest Female Comedians: Dispelling the Myth Women Aren’t Funny

10 Funniest Female Comedians: Dispelling the Myth Women Aren’t Funny

3. Amy Schumer


3. Amy Schumer

Coming this July Amy Schumer will be starring in her first major motion picture “Trainwreck.” Haven’t heard of Amy Schumer? Perhaps she hasn’t been around as long as some of the other comedians on my list, but she made her first debut in 2011 on Last Comic Standing and since then has skyrocketed. In April 2013 she created “Inside Amy Schumer.” For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show (*tsk, tsk), it has a very similar setup to Dave Chappelle’s show. She spends a few minutes doing stand-up, devises hilarious skits that typically focus on shedding light on gender inequalities, rattles off some questions to pedestrians on the street, and interviews some of most interesting professionals (i.e. prostitutes).

While I’m not certain if Schumer came at the right time in comedic history to teardown sexism and misconceptions about women, or if she is just that damn brilliant, her jokes will cause you to take a look closer into society’s archaic standards.

2. Ellen DeGeneres


2. Ellen DeGeneres

Talk about a progressionist and comedian! DeGeneres can just about do it all and has done it all. Currently she is hosting her own talk show (which isn’t a bad replacement for Oprah), hosted the Oscars, Emmys, and Grammys, and doing voice-overs for children’s movies. Going back to her core talent in stand-up, she has always managed to relate to people by talking about human quirks and tying in life-lessons along the way.

Aside from DeGeneres’s career, she has also been an advocate for human and animal rights. In 1997 DeGeneres shared with her fans that she was a lesbian. Around this time there were very few public figures that were willing to take the bold step of announcing his/her sexual orientation, but DeGeneres not only put it in print she allowed for her own character on the hit television show Ellen to come out in the last episode. Bravery at its best.

Favorite Joke: “I’m gone a lot from home…and that’s hard…cause then I have to ask my friends, “Would you mind going to the house and watering the plants, and turn some lights on and make it look like somebody’s home, and make sure that the mobile over the crib isn’t tangled or the baby’s gonna get bored…”

1. Tina Fey


1. Tina Fey

Drum roll, please! Tina Fey is by far the best female comedian out there today. She started her career doing improv (where she met Amy Poehler), became the head writer for SNL, actress for SNL, directed/wrote/starred in her own hit series “30 Rock,” wrote a NY best-selling memoir, and directed the new Netflix original “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” She can basically do it all. On top of that, Fey has shown people that being pretty and on television is just not interesting anymore. You have to be more than that. She is a great example of how female comedians are evolving and going against the grain when it comes to society’s standards for women.

Who are your favorites?!?!

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