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Five National Puppy Day Film Faves

Five National Puppy Day Film Faves

Bodhi Nolan National Puppy Day

In honor of National Puppy Day, here are some captivating canine films!

March 23 is National Puppy Day so of course Film Fad would make a list of some of their favorite dog films. Being a dog lover myself (hence why I used my dogs as the cover photo), there are a few dog films (of the many) that I personally enjoyed. Here are five films that had an influence on me throughout my years of canine film watching.

All Dogs Go to Heaven

All Dogs Go To Heaven

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Many would say that the plot of “All Dogs Go to Heaven” is a tamed down version of “Ghost” but applied to dogs. The film’s premise surrounds a dog back from the dead and a child that can speak to animals. The child helps the dog seek out his killer to seek revenge but the plot isn’t as harsh as it sounds. Although “All Dogs Go to Heaven” had some harsh themes, it was one of the first children’s films I saw that dealt with the loss of an animal. By today’s standards of animation, it may not invoke the same emotions, but as a child it was one of my favorites.

Milo & Otis

Milo And Otis

Milo And Otis

“Milo & Otis” is another film that was a staple for my childhood. Even compared to the animal films today, this film still remains unique. It almost seemed like a documentary with the use of real life animals and their adventures being narrated by a strong spoken voice. To date, “Milo & Otis” remains one of the most heartwarming animal tales chronicling the adventures of two unlikely friends.

Marley & Me

Marley and Me

Marley and Me

When I think of a tear-jerker film, “Marley & Me” is most often a film that comes to mind. If you haven’t seen it and you wear your heart on your sleeve, then steer clear. “Marley & Me” establishes a connection with a pet like no other film taking you through the full emotional spectrum of caring for an animal. It shows the good and bad of being a pet owner and the strong emotional bond that forms as they become a part of your family. To this day I’ve only watched the film once due to the emotional toll it takes on me as a pet owner.

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