Supergirl Arrow Flash

We may see Supergirl show up in CW’s “Arrow” or “The Flash!”

Arrow and The Flash have been expanding their own universes. Between the inclusion of Ra’s Al Ghul, Firestorm, and many others, they’re creating their own network of characters.

While TV worlds tend to be isolated due to their respective network, CBS’ upcoming Supergirl series could be a game changer. This could be a character that joins two TV networks in creating a massive TV universe. While it was confirmed in November that it was possible for “Supergirl” to crossover into other shows, The Hollywood Reporter’s Lesley Goldberg further confirmed the deal.

“I actually heard it’s in Greg’s deal, that Supergirl can cross over with Flash and/or Arrow.”

So what does this mean for TV? Well, despite the fact that networks are willing to share (unheard of), it means that TV superheroes are bringing their A-game. Sure Marvel and DC have their own big screen universes, but a TV superhero universe spanning across networks…WOW! Sure we won’t get the cinematic quality of the big screen but we will get to watch these comic stories progress in the comfort of our own home.


Could Constantine possibly crossover???

If CBS and the CW are able to work together successfully then what are the other possibilities? Could Fox share some of their “Gotham” characters? Could NBC keep Constantine alive by integrating the story into other shows? It’s a possibility if there is profit to be made. I’m guessing that NBC may be more likely than Fox (since they don’t like to share), but if the CW and CBS both benefit, then the sky is the limit.

What do you think of CBS’ Supergirl crossing into Arrow or Flash?