Marvel Phase 3 -

Marvel recently announced the dates for upcoming films but those dates had no titles attached to them. Supposedly the titles recently leaked but if these are the real deal, then Marvel is making some very exciting yet bold moves with their upcoming films.

Marvel Leaked List -

I’d say that a majority of these could be believable but there are two titles that stand out making this list seem unlikely. “World War Hulk” and “Avengers Civil War” both have a lot of backstory leading up to them if they are based off of the comic books. They could be just like the upcoming “Avengers: Age of Ultron” film and capitalize on a popular title having a small relation to the comic story, but the titles would still have to live up to their names.

“World War Hulk” is the aftermath of the “Planet Hulk” storyline so I would guess that the film would be more based on the Hulk going on an unstoppable rampage for some reason other than the events of “Planet Hulk.”

“Civil War” could definitely happen but the animosity between Captain America and Iron Man would definitely have to escalate when it comes to their own political perspectives. The main reason for “Civil War” is the government wanting full disclosure of all superhero identities and while Iron Man agrees with full disclosure, Captain America believes it tramples upon their civil liberties. This starts a feud between the heroes creating sanctioned groups on both sides.

I think that this list is more likely fake than not but we all want this to be real so we are willing to entertain the idea. What do you think? Is this list real or just someone’s sick joke?