Jennifer Lawrence X-Men

Jennifer Lawrence is done with X-Men films!

Jennifer Lawrence may be America’s sweetheart but she’s going to upset X-Men fans with her latest decision. According to an MTV interview, Jennifer Lawrence is leaving the X-Men franchise after X-Men Apocalypse.

“It is my last one, actually.”
– Jennifer Lawrence

This does change the rumor mill dynamic regarding the future of Lawrence’s appearance in the X-Men films. If you have been following the news regarding “X-Men: Apocalypse” then you may remember talk of the film being focused on Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence). This spawned many rumors and speculation regarding a Mystique spin-off film. While they could still move forward with a Mystique film, they certainly won’t have JLaw on board. If they are going to move forward with the film, I would personally like to see Rebecca Romijn come back to the role rather than recasting.

Being completely honest, I have no interest in seeing a Mystique spin-off film. Her story is a bit weak compared to other characters in the X-Men universe. If they want to push a female lead for a spin-off then they have so much potential with characters like Jean Grey and newcomer Sophie Turner being cast. While Jennifer Lawrence is a big name, her character doesn’t carry the same clout. It’s time to move on and I think Jennifer Lawrence realizes this as well.

Do you think Jennifer Lawrence leaving will affect the franchise’s success?