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Why Kevin Sorbo Wants More Than Christian Roles

Why Kevin Sorbo Wants More Than Christian Roles

Kevin Sorbo

Devout Christian Actor Kevin Sorbo wants more than just his Christian-based roles!

When approaching Kevin Sorbo I admit that I felt a bit of anxiety and hesitancy about what I wanted to ask him. After reading numerous interviews about how outspoken he was about his religion, I thought bringing up the subject was an invitation for him to both judge and reprimand me. What I didn’t realize was that I was the one doing the judging prior to even meeting Kevin.

From the way he had been perceived in the media, I saw a guy that refrained from doing any film that didn’t have a Christian message. I didn’t anticipate him having any interest in any sort of film that could be labeled as taboo or controversial, but his response to our questions definitely surprised me. While he was thankful for the Christian roles he played, he also expressed a desire to play a darker role like a vigilante serial killer referencing the show “Dexter.”

Kevin Sorbo as Hercules

Kevin Sorbo as Hercules

How does it feel transitioning from something like Hercules and going into more of these faith-based films? What would you prefer?

I only sign up for things I like. I’ve got a movie coming called “Juliet X” where I play a serial killer…it ain’t faith based. I’ve also got a movie coming out called “Hope Bridge” which deals with teen suicide.

With that said, what would be your most ideal role?

I love old Hollywood. “The Philadelphia Story,” “Casablanca,” “Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid,” movies like that. It’s movies like that that made me want to be an actor.
I would love to play a justifiable vigilante.
[The reason] “Dexter” works [is] because he’s killing people that are useless society members, that are murderers and rapists. So you kinda go, “Okay.” That’s why that series lasted seven years. If it was a guy just randomly killing people it wouldn’t last, but it goes seven years because you’re watching this and you’re going, “I’m okay with that, that guy killed 17 people…haha.”

While there may be many that disagree with Kevin Sorbo’s religious perspective, his rationale is more than sound when it comes to acceptance. Shouldn’t he have the same religious freedom that others have? If he is not judging others, what right do they have to judge him? Outside of my beliefs or your beliefs or any political message, he wants what all free-thinking individuals should be entitled to, the right to be the person he has chosen to be.

It was an earlier interview you did where you said that you felt being outspoken about your religion has really affected you in Hollywood. Do you feel like it’s still like that to this day or do you feel it’s getting progressively worse?

There’s a very strange double standard and hypocrisy that goes on in [Hollywood]. They scream for tolerance yet they don’t have tolerance for people that disagree with them. Why can’t we disagree with each other? I don’t hate people who don’t have the same viewpoint. The whole definition of the word “liberal” means that everybody is open to their point of view, but in Hollywood it’s their way or the highway.
Thank God for the independent world, the faith based world, it keeps me busy.

Left Behind

Kevin Sorbo will be taking over the Left Behind films

While Hollywood may not be biting like they used to, faith-based production companies have given Kevin Sorbo a chance to continue his work as an actor. The recent reboot of the “Left Behind” series with Nicolas Cage will continue with Kevin Sorbo according to him.

I just heard you talking about the “Left Behind” series and that you were taking the lead in the next two?

I’m doing the next two. We’re shooting two in a row. Back to back and they might just overlap. But yeah I just signed the contract to do the next two.

You may disagree with Kevin Sorbo or you may side with him, but as an actor, he’s been in the business for many years. Have his beliefs affected his career? Sure they have. His beliefs have landed him films in the faith-based market and I’m sure that they have also isolated him in a broader Hollywood market. Outside of just religion, we’ve all learned that in order to make it in Hollywood you have to play the game. And if you’re openly vocal about your beliefs then you will be condemned for those beliefs, no matter what they may be.

On a personal note I will say that Kevin Sorbo was probably the most genuine and considerate person we interviewed at Wizard World. Not only did he open up and discuss personal issues, he discussed them with a smile on his face throughout the interview. He didn’t ask us what our beliefs were nor did he try to sway us, he just discussed what we asked and treated us with respect. He even made a point to acknowledge us the next day as we walked by him with a “Hey guys!” and a pat on on the back.

I personally wish him the best and look forward to seeing what’s next for him in his career.

For the full interview, listen to the audio below!

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