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Author: Pooya

Sony Denies Spider-Man / Avengers Rumor, But Are They Lying?

Is Sony Pictures trying to “Honey Pot” America Again? Rumors of a Spider-Man/Avengers shared universe are openly denied by Sony, but is this all a ploy? So remember how, way back when, Sony Pictures allegedly got hacked by North Korea all because Kim Jong-Un got his britches in a bunch over Seth Rogen’s latest piece (of crap), “The Interview?” Well it happened, then Sony pulled the movie, then America exploded with protest, then Sony caved (or so they say) and released the horrendous Razzie nominated train wreck masquerading as a movie on select streaming platforms. Despite a prodominantly negative reception, Sony prevailed in testing a new distribution medium with “The...

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Does 1st Look at Marvel’s Ant-Man Teaser Show Promise?

Will this 1st glimpse of the microscopic man of might help Marvel grow a franchise or will it shrink out of sight quicker than you can say ‘Pym Particles?’ After a shaky inception shrouded in secrecy, I am sure many fans such as myself had started to lose faith in the once anticipated “Ant-Man” motion picture. Now with the new teaser trailer finally giving fans a 1st look at the film’s inner workings, the flickering embers of interest can be gently fanned, but with caution. “One question. Is it too late to change the name?” Although the trailer gives off...

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Playing Devil’s Advocate for the Radcliffe Led Horns

Despite Daniel Radcliffe’s valiant effort to shed his boyish image, he ultimately fails to take the devil by the “Horns” in this good-idea-done-wrong horror-comedy. “He will bring out the devil in you.” This is yet another example of a highly marketable and unique movie concept done wrong. Joe Hill’s novel, the namesake and source material for this film, didn’t achieve it’s International Best Seller status with a lazy climax and muddled finale. Hill was able to paint a tapestry of prose, leading his readers through a supernatural setting rife with fantasy, mystery and romance as we follow Ig Parrish (Radcliffe),...

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Why the Grimm Inspired Into the Woods is Disney’s Golden Egg

“Be careful what you wish for,” because it just might be AMAZING. Disney’s “Into the Woods” is uniquely charming, dark, well-paced, nuanced and swimmingly performed by the equally spectacular all-star cast. Meryl Streep as the Witch does what Meryl Streep does best and enchants the audience with her mesmerizing vocals and appropriately animated mannerisms. Emily Blunt as the Baker’s wife steals the show with her vocal vibrations and constant comedic tribulations. But, did you know that this soon to be timeless classic almost never made it to the big screen? Starting from the early 90’s, many names have been...

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Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer is Total Mayhem and Awesome

Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron star in the explosively action-packed trailer for upcoming “Mad Max: Fury Road” and it is unequivocally blissful pandemonium. The opening line perfectly encapsulates the entire raucous trailer in 6 simple words. “My world is fire and blood.” While we as Americans may feel that we understand the rigors that accompany the scarcity of natural resources, our qualms hardly make it pass the seasonally influenced pinch our wallets feel at the gas pump. In Max’s post-apocalyptic world that rigor is gauged by the extent of  your ritual sacrifice of flesh, bones, and sanity for the sake of survival....

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