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Joaquin Phoenix Rumored to lead Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’

[Source: TheWrap] With Marvel’s highly anticipated Hall H panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con rapidly approaching, the internet rumor mill is ablaze as to what surprises Marvel has in-store. According to The Wrap, “multiple individuals close to the casting process” of Marvel’s mystical Doctor Strange movie (directed by Scott Derrickson) are claiming Joaquin Phoenix “has had discussions”to take on the role of the sorcerer supreme. No deals have been officially announced as of yet. Just like any other internet rumors, I would not put all my stock in Phoenix becoming the good doctor. Why? Well this is not the first...

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Unfinished Nicolas Cage Superman movie documentary trailer

[Source: TheWrap] It was 1997 and Tim Burton set out to make the most unique Kevin Smith penned Superman film I have ever heard of. Before there was “Ghost Rider,” Nicolas Cage was to cast into the role of the cape and S shield for “Superman Lives”. The movie was said to revolve around “The Death of Superman” comic storyline, where Brainiac aims to destroy the man of steel by blocking out his yellow sun power source and unleashing Doomsday, a deadly Kryptonian monster, upon Metropolis. Being the Brainiac that he is, the plan works and Superman is laid to...

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Who are Marvel’s ‘Sinister Six?’

So, I’m sure you have heard that Columbia Pictures will be releasing “Sinister Six, a foe-centric flick, ahead of the next Spider-Man movie. I’m also sure that some of you are wondering, who in the hell are the “Sinister Six?” Well, allow me to explain why this is a great thing for the Marvel film universe. First things first. Who are they and how did they come to be. In his 52 years of crime-fighting, Spider-Man has amassed countless enemies and put almost all of them behind bars. The abilities and villainy may vary from foe to foe, but...

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‘Sinister Six’ set to slay theaters in 2016

Things are about to get villainous for our favorite web-head, as Columbia Pictures announces the release date for the next two, that’s right TWO, installments in the blockbuster Spider-Man franchise. In November 2016, the villains will take the center stage when Drew Goddard’s “Sinister Six” hits theaters. Produced by Avi Arad and Matt Tomlach, this film will be the first of it’s franchise to be released outside of the summer months. Hopefully, that doesn’t impact it’s box office performance.  The “Sinister Six” film will be followed by “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” which is slated to web it’s way into...

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‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trailer is sinfully sultry

Attention dominant and submissive sexy-time people! Sign your contracts and set your safe words because the long anticipated trailer to “Fifty Shades of Grey” is  finally here. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan star is this BDSM based book turned feature film. Check out the trailer and see the steaminess for yourselves. In the trailer we see that Johnson’s character has questions and Dornan’s Dr. Grey has the answers. One answer being aggressively making out with her in an elevator. We know that Johnson’s character, Anastasia Steele, thinks Dr. Grey to be “polite, intense, smart…” and that his fingers are “really intimidating.”...

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