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‘Wolverine 3’ is Seeking an R Rating After ‘Deadpool’ Success

‘Wolverine 3’ is Seeking an R Rating After ‘Deadpool’ Success


“Old Man Logan” aka “Wolverine 3” is now seeking an R-rating.



“Wolverine 3” is getting a drastic change and “Deadpool” may be responsible. Over the weekend 20th Century Fox revealed at Toy Fair 2016 that the final Wolverine film would have an anticipated R-rating. While it may not directly be the cause for “Wolverine 3’s” adult rating, the success of “Deadpool” over the weekend may have tipped the scale in favor of the decision. Take a look at the image confirmation below.

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Wolverine is one of the most popular anti-heroes in comics. His stories are darker than many of the other superheroes that we’ve come to know and far more violent. Despite him killing off a few bad guys in the “X-Men” films and his solo films, we haven’t seen Wolverine fully unleashed like in the comic books.

If “Wolverine 3” is to be centered around the “Old Man Logan” storyline written by Mark Millar, then an R-rating is almost necessary. You may recognize Mark Millar’s work from the comic book adapted film “Kick-Ass” which also fit the “R” caliber and many of his other projects share that same level of grit as well.

Even if they loosely base the third Wolverine film on Millar’s book, I would like to see Hugh Jackman give his final performance for a more mature audience. I agree that some superheroes should maintain their kid friendly persona but Wolverine is an assassin with razor sharp claws. There has to be some blood and violence present at some point. We’ve had a number of films that hit that family friendly mark so it would be nice to give us nostalgic adults a Wolverine film that fits our perception.

What do you think? Do you agree that there should be a rated R Wolverine film?

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Eric Pace

I seem to remember Hugh Jackman saying the studio was ok with The Wolverine being R but it was he himself who asked for them to go with a PG-13 rating after seeing some real young Wolverine fans.







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