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Why Idris Elba Fits Into Most Any Role

Why Idris Elba Fits Into Most Any Role

Idris Elba Bond

Idris Elba is becoming a household name and there’s definitely a reason for it!

Everyone has their favorites when it comes to actors. Whether it be a well known actor like Johnny Depp or a fan favorite like Crispin Glover, there’s something about them that appeals to a certain audience. Outside of personal favorites there are a few actors that fit into the “universally loved” category and seem to fit well in most any film. In my opinion, Idris Elba is one of those actors…especially when it comes to heroic leader type roles. Here are some reasons why Idris Elba could be the next universally recognized/loved actor.

He’s Frequently Mentioned for Iconic Roles

Idris Elba as John Stewart Green Lantern

Idris Elba as John Stewart Green Lantern

I know that Glenn recently mentioned why Tyrese should be Green Lantern but I’m going to have to side with the internet on this one. Idris Elba just seems to fit the role of Green Lantern better with his intimidating, empowering presence and proven success as an actor. But when it comes to heroic roles, Green Lantern isn’t the only role he’s been mentioned for.

More recently it was announced that Idris Elba had been eyed by Sony to be the next James Bond and many fans (including myself) couldn’t agree more. Even though there was some backlash, overall many were on board with him playing the iconic role of 007.

So while fans have consistently mentioned him for many other iconic roles, he’s also had parts that show Hollywood sees this potential as well. Having a supporting presence in “Thor” as Heimdall, Moreau in “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance,” and even the ship captain Janek in “Prometheus,” Hollywood is definitely keeping him at arms length for something greater. He easily fits into the fictional heroic realm and I think that he and Hollywood are waiting for the best leading role to present to the fans.

He’s Got Incredible Range as an Actor

Idris Elba Mandela

Idris Elba has incredible range as an actor

I can reference many roles that show Idris Elba’s range as an actor, but I could probably use the BBC series “Luther” as a testament to his talent alone. In this series, Luther continually walks the line between good and bad and is an emotional train wreck. While much of the show’s intrigue comes from the story, Idris Elba’s performance is the backbone of the series.

Outside of “Luther” we have a plethora of other references that showcase his talents. His role as Stringer on HBO‘s “The Wire” is one of the most dynamic characters on the show. Every hero needs their villain and in “The Wire” Idris Elba is calculated, intelligent, and maniacal making him one of the most formidable foes in television history.

Outside of television he’s had prominent roles in sci-fi films like “Prometheus” and “Pacific Rim” while also taking roles from the other end of the spectrum in biographical dramas like “Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom.” In the next two years he will be reprising his role of Heimdall in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” doing voice-over work in “The Jungle Book” and “Finding Dory,” and playing a lead role in the action film “The Gunman” alongside Sean Penn and Javier Bardem.

With so much variety in his roles, it’s hard to find something that Idris Elba can’t do.

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