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Why Idris Elba Fits Into Most Any Role

Why Idris Elba Fits Into Most Any Role

He’s Got a Great Sense of Humor

Idris Elba Tweet

Idris Elba’s hilarious Tweet in response to Rush Limbaugh

A sense of humor is important for an actor or any public figure for that matter. When being in the public spotlight, you need to make them smile. When it comes to Idris Elba he seems to be someone that can always roll with the punches.

After Rush Limbaugh blasted people’s support of Idris Elba as James Bond, things got pretty heated on the internet. Rush Limbaugh claimed that Elba could not be James Bond because 007 needed to be a handsome white man and that Idris Elba just didn’t fit the part. Instead of throwing gas on the fire, Idris Elba responded with a hilarious Tweet mocking Limbaugh’s comments and giving the rest of us quite a laugh.

When it comes to interviews, he seems to be in a constant state of bliss when speaking to the hosts no matter what they may bring up. Whether they are addressing a scandalous photo or his lack of sex scenes in films, he always seems to handle the questions with a bit of humor.

He’s Got the Look

Idris Elba GQ

Idris Elba has the looks to be an A List actor

I may not swing that way but I can recognize a sharp looking man. It’s no surprise that GQ wanted him for their cover because Idris Elba makes sure that he always looks presentable wherever he may be.

While looks may not hold merit in regards to one’s acting talents, an actor’s attractiveness does play a huge part in landing leading roles. It’s no surprise that many of the actors we know so well also appear in magazines that showcase their looks.

Maintaining both his appearance and physical shape make Idris Elba a perfect fit for many prominent leading roles in a variety of upcoming and future films.

Final Thoughts

Overall Idris Elba is an all around talent that is being underutilized in Hollywood. He does have quite a few upcoming roles that may change him from that casual name in passing to a household name depending on the success of those films. He’s personally one of my favorite actors at the moment and hope to see him make his way into a bigger spotlight in the near future.

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