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Watch out East Coast, here comes Tidewater Comicon!

Watch out East Coast, here comes Tidewater Comicon!

Tidewater Comicon

Tidewater Comicon is on the rise to be one of Virginia’s largest comic book conventions!

Tidewater Comicon started small but then rose quickly. It had been quite some time since a comic book convention was present in Virginia Beach, Virginia but since Tidewater Comicon has come to the area from creator Mike Federali, it has had a snowball effect with its growth. I remember in 2013 when their Facebook page was throwing out a thank you for reaching 1000 likes. Fast forward two years later and they’re at 23,000 likes and growing. With awareness continually rising along with attendance, this convention is surpassing many established conventions and proving that Virginia Beach has a solid interest in comic book culture.

I want the show to have all the pop culture elements of other conventions, but I want it rooted in comics. I want people to know that the movies and television that they love right now started on folded paper with staples in it. If people leave our show with an appreciation for comic books then we’ve done something.
Someone who knows who Stephen Amell is should also know Denny O’Neill. If you know The Avengers it would be a loss for you not to know the hard work of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee as well.
I think comic books deserve just as much as respect as any art form and that’s something we can strive for at the show with our guests, panels, and workshops.
Imagine learning enough at a convention that you leave and go “I could be the next Stan Lee”
And maybe we can do that for someone.
– Mike Federali (Creator of Tidewater Comicon)

Tidewater Comicon Batmobile

The 66 Batmobile at Tidewater Comicon

So what’s so special about this convention? Well outside of being on the beautiful coast line of Virginia Beach, Virginia, Tidewater Comicon is drawing in many celebrities that have a massive cult fan following. At this past convention the stars of the hit Sci-Fi series “Being Human” attended, along with Kelly Hu (Arrow & “X2: X-Men United”) and supreme cosplayer herself Chloe Dykstra. Also in attendance were many comic book artists and writers including the co-creator of Deadpool Fabian Nicieza. But while the attendees were starstruck by the high profile guest list, it was the overall fandom and cosplay that keeps Tidewater Comicon on the rise. And it’s not just your usual run of fans either. Mike has worked hard to create a “family-friendly” show and because of this a variety of people attend with their children. While adults were able to attend their own specific events, there were many opportunities for children to let loose with many kid friendly zones and even a game room. Just check out how much fun this little guy had cosplaying as Halo’s Master Chief!

Check out this guy below!

More and more fans flock to be a part of the experience. From the people that we had the chance to interview, many were already planning on attending the next Tidewater Comicon and preparing their next cosplay attire. In my opinion and many others, Tidewater Comicon is becoming a must see on your convention checklist. For certain it will be an event that we will continue to cover!

Check out more cosplay interviews and photo gallery below!

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