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Top 6 First Time ‘Saturday Night Live’ Hosts I’d Like To See

Top 6 First Time ‘Saturday Night Live’ Hosts I’d Like To See

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This year marks the 40th season of “Saturday Night Live” and Lorne Michaels is giving us three consecutive shows with first time hosts.  I am a die hard SNL fan and as much as I love seeing familiar faces take the stage, I truly enjoy seeing an actor/musician/athlete try performing skits on live television.  This year started off strong with Star Lord himself, Chris Pratt, hosting this past weekend.  The show wasn’t quite on its ‘A’ game (the pairing on weekend update can only get better because it can’t get much worse) but it did provide some very funny moments (see Aidy Bryant and Pratt rapping in a bar after meeting for the first time and the Pete Davidson/Leslie Jones segments on Weekend Update).

After Pratt, SNL alumni Sarah Silverman and Bill Hader will be taking on hosting duties for the first time.  This got me thinking: could first time hosts be the theme for the 40th season of “Saturday Night Live?”  If this is the theme (and even if it’s not) here are a few people who I would love to see host SNL for the first time.

Nick Offerman -

6. Nick Offerman

6. Nick Offerman

Ron Swanson himself would be an excellent host and would be hilarious in a sketch involving him dressed in drag.  Severely underrated and consistently overlooked by the Emmys and Golden Globes for best supporting actor in a comedy, his portrayal of Ron Swanson on “Parks and Rec” is hysterical.  SNL should give Offerman a chance for the spotlight to shine his comedy genius.

Terry Crews -

5. Terry Crews

5. Terry Crews

Probably the most physically intimidating actor on this list, Crews is great at utilizing his massive frame to get huge laughs.  He is a standout on “Brooklyn 99” and I would love to see what kind of skits the SNL writing staff could come up with utilizing his talents.

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