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Author: Davy

12 Skills of Christmas Taken 3 Trailer

‘Tis the season….for January movie trailers! Prior to seeing a commercial for the film yesterday, I had completely forgotten “Taken 3” was even being made. Today 20th Century Fox gives us a special 12 Skills of Christmas trailer for “Taken 3″(which makes me slightly more interested in seeing the film) which you can watch below: I guess after the first two movies, I was left wondering “How many times can someone be kidnapped before it gets boring?”. Well the answer is 2. I thought “Taken” was great and very fun while “Taken 2” seemed to almost be a parody...

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Sony Cancels New Steve Jobs Movie

Update: Universal may be picking up the Steve Jobs biopic. Stay tuned for the official word!   Well, that escalated quickly. Sony has canceled the new Steve Jobs biopic. Just a few weeks ago, we reported a new Steve Jobs biopic was in the works and had a few big names attached.  Aaron Sorkin (“The West Wing,” “Moneyball,” “The Social Network”) was set to write the script, Danny Boyle (‘Slumdog Millionaire’) was sitting in the director’s chair with Christian Bale and Seth Rogan ready to star as Jobs and Steve Wozniak.  Now Sony has decided to scrap the movie....

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Jude Law’s Black Sea New Poster Debuts!

Today brings the movie world the unveiling of one of the worst movie posters I have seen in a long time: “Black Sea” starring Jude Law.  The poster does little to explain the premise of the movie other than there is gold, a submarine, and Law.  That’s not enough to get me to buy into this flick.  Not to mention the fact that the poster looks like a photo shop knock off of ‘The Hunt for Red October’ (which I bet is going to be a far superior movie to ‘Black Sea’). Jude Law has been away from the big screen...

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November Films are Primed for Big Numbers

While the summer months are usually the peak of the year in terms of box-office numbers, this year’s biggest month for movies will be November.  As studios begin to realize movies can generate huge numbers outside of May, June and July (see the results for the top three domestic grossing films of the year “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Captain America: Winter Soldier,” and “The Lego Movie”) film fans will start to see a more even release schedule throughout the year. Take this year’s November as an example.  November boasts some of the most anticipated movies in several different movie...

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Nolan Brothers Not Involved with Upcoming DC Films

Christopher Nolan and his brother Jonathan have crafted a textured and identifiable world for the DC comic movies.  While the two collaborated on the “Dark Knight” films, it seems as if neither Nolan or his brother will be involved in the upcoming DC movie releases.  Here is a recent quote from Jonathan: “I love those guys and my brother was involved in ‘Man of Steel’ with Zack [Snyder] and David [Goyer],” Jonathan told today during the press junket for he and his brother’s latest, ‘Interstellar’. “I kind of feel like that chapter for us is closed.” He does not, however, rule out one day returning to a big screen DC Comics film. “To be continued somewhere farther down the line?” he asks with a smile. “Maybe.”” While I was initially disappointed that the Nolan brothers would not help guide the DC movies to ensure they do not disappoint, I do think it is important for Warner Bros. and DC to take chances and get fresh ideas into their movies if they are going to succeed with such an ambitious schedule. Still, I can’t help but to wonder what would have happened if Christian Bale had returned to wear the cape and cowl again.  Would the trajectory of the films be different?  Would Christopher Nolan be involved?  I supposed that is a post or FadCast for another time....

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