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Top 5 Martial Arts Movie Badasses of the 80’s

Top 5 Martial Arts Movie Badasses of the 80’s
Norris - Lone Wolf McQuade -

Did somebody say my name?

Who is the most Bad Ass Martial Arts Movie Star of the 1980’s?

The 1980s were a magical moment in movie history. In a time before big special effects, CGI, and digital high-definition film equipment, audiences reveled at an explosive genre that transcended international borders. Of course, I am talking about the martial arts movie boom. Riding on the coattails of the world-renown Bruce Lee, countless martial artist/aspiring action stars kicked, punched, and summersaulted their way into Hollywood. But, amidst the pack only a handful of gifted cinematic warriors took claim of the martial arts megastar mantle.

So, would like to reminisce about the decade that brought us neon colors, acid washed jeans and slap bracelets with our countdown of the Top 5 Martial Arts Movie Badasses of the 80’s.


5. Chuck Norris – The All-American Bad-Ass

Chuck Norris -

Carlos Ray ‘Chuck’ Norris

There used to be a street named after Chuck Norris, but it was changed because nobody crosses Chuck Norris and lives.

Carlos Ray, aka Chuck, Norris is an American martial arts bad ass, action movie star, United States Air Force veteran and founder of his own school, Chuck… I mean, Chun Kuk Do. The internet is a cauldron of examples why Norris is one Grade-A (really grade-b) Bad-Ass. From being the reason why Waldo is hiding or having counted to infinity – twice, Norris’ 80’s onscreen action has never left the annals of action film icons. Norris’ stiff and commando style of on-screen martial arts created a new genre of action film. Check out Chuck Norris’ final showdown against (wait for it) Mr. Kung Fu himself,  David Carradine, in “Lone Wolf McQuade.” While Norris, who has shared the fight-screen with the legendary Bruce Li, easily snatches the #5 spot in Top Martial Arts Movie Badasses of the 80’s, Carradine does not make the list. The reason… Chuck Norris said so. Oh, don’t forget… Chuck Norris once made a Happy Meal cry.
Chuck Norris  in “Lone Wolf McQuade” (1983).


4. Jean Claude Van Damme – The Belgian Bad-Ass

Jean Claude Van Damme -

Jean Claude Van Damme

Jean Claude Van Damme is an indisputable Belgian badass who ax kicks first then takes names. Given his high-kicking art from, it’s no surprise that Van Damme is a long-time Karate practitioner. With iconic 80’s Martial Arts flicks like “Bloodsport” and “Kickboxer,” Van Damme is a permanent fixture in the action film universe. What’s even more Bad Ass is that Van Damme has given the internet so many treasures. From his penchant for off-beat photos, to his “Epic Split” Volvo commercial, to having given creative commons a handful of shots of him in-front of a green screen, Van Damme is not only an 80’s bad-ass… he’s a present day Bad-Ass too! If that’s not enough proof, then watch “Kickboxer” in it’s entirety FOR FREE below… courtesy of


Jean Claude Van Damme in “Kickboxer” (1989).

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Marty Nozz

Can we get an honorable mention for Sho Kosugi: ninja bad-ass?







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