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Top 5 Least Charismatic A-List Hollywood Actors

Top 5 Least Charismatic A-List Hollywood Actors

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When the biggest celebrities have the smallest personalities, we count down the top 5 least charismatic actors.

Generally when we think of Hollywood celebrities we think of beauty, charm, grace and charisma. We imagine these social creatures who are adeptly skilled at getting inside virtually any headspace and bringing to life an entirely new identity. We assume that ranks these A-Listers among the most interesting people in the world. Well, that’s not always the case. While they may be decorated thespians or box-office breadwinners, they don’t always carry that on-screen charisma with them into their daily lives. That’s why we’re counting down our list of the Top 5 Least Charismatic Actors. Find out who makes our list after the jump.



5. Jesse Eisenberg

Jesse Eisenberg - Batman V Superman -
Big surprise right? Jesse Eisenberg, aka Perfect form Michael Cera and the current crowned prince of on-screen neuroticism, is actually hyper neurotic in real life. That’s right between the acid washed stoner-action flick “American Ultra” and his re-interpertation of Lex Luthor in “Batman V Superman,” Eisenberg has let his flag of non-charisma fly though a slew of press panels and talk show interviews. Unfortunately for viewers, and in some cases the host, Eisenberg’s entertainment value is incidental at best. I would give his level of charisma only 2 out of 5 jars of “Grandma’s Peach Tea.”


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