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Blu-ray Review: ‘No Escape’ is an Action Packed Thrill Ride

Blu-ray Review: ‘No Escape’ is an Action Packed Thrill Ride


“No Escape” is an action-packed thrill ride but sometimes far-fetched.

Owen Wilson, Lake Bell, and Pierce Brosnan star in “No Escape,” which tells the story of a family that gets caught in the middle of a merciless government overthrow. Their chances of survival are slim and their journey is intense which in turn gives audiences heart-pounding action that keeps them on the edge of their seats.

While “No Escape” may be a thrill ride, some may wonder what else this film has to offer. With the release of the Blu-ray on November 24, let’s find out what we can expect.

Cinematics (Acting, Cinematography, etc.) – 3

“No Escape” utilizes a conventional plot introduction to launch a more unconventional, fast-paced array of action sequences that will leave fans of the genre more than satisfied. Opening with a stereotypical plot of an unsuspecting, innocent family entering an unknown territory, things are suddenly disrupted when a country-wide coup occurs. This event occurs suddenly with little backstory which may be a deterrent for those looking for more socio-political substance, but “No Escape” has intentions of thrills not politics. Even the title states the film’s purpose.

The casting choices are interesting ones for this film. Owen Wilson who is mostly known for comedy roles is paired with Lake Bell who is known for a diverse array of films. Surprisingly Wilson and Bell mostly do well in the chemistry arena with only a few moments of doubt. They seem to thrive as a couple facing dire straits and their desperation for preserving the lives of each other and their family seems genuine. The only moments where they lack chemistry is during their transition into southeast Asia, but that could also be interpreted as tension from the move or the monotony of marriage.

Pierce Brosnan is by far my favorite of this film and proves he is capable of more than his “Bond” style action characters. He’s sloppy, violent, and more of an anti-hero in “No Escape” which is a surprise and actually opens a new spectrum of his acting range. For those that love the new edgy style of Bond films, some may be asking for a reprisal from Pierce Brosnan after seeing “No Escape.”


This isn’t the suave Pierce Brosnan that you’re used to.

The true strength of this film lies in the action sequences and setting. Both blend together in a way that guides the audience through the film in a panicked state. Not only does the film dictate emotion through its environment but its environment is also supplemented with a plethora of practical stuntwork and props rather than a slew of CGI. This adds a nailbiting realism to some sometimes unrealistic situations.

Overall “No Escape” has its flaws on a cinematic scale but it also excels in areas that other films do not. The plot transitions quickly into fast-paced action but in this genre its fitting and cuts through a lot of BS owning up to its genre.


Less CGI and More Practicality is the Key

Entertainment Value – 4

THIS is where “No Escape” truly finds its footing. This is an action/thriller and it makes that genre known early on in the film. The introductions are short and sweet and then things quickly jump from 0 to 60 and stay at that pace throughout a majority of the film. For the action aficionados out there, I’m sure “No Escape” will please you as a form of pure entertainment. If you’re looking for chases, gunfights, explosions, and all out war, then you’ve come to the right place.

Re-Watchability – 3

“No Escape” is fun and that fun is something that you would probably want to experience again. The setting and action-packed moments are a blast and would be a great experience to share with someone else who hasn’t seen the film. The only drawback to re-watchability would be that once you know the fate of the characters the intensity isn’t the same as it was during the first viewing. But with that said, I still think “No Escape” would be worth another viewing, just not on a monthly basis.

Blu-ray Extras

As far as Blu-ray extras go, there are some interesting ones to be had on this disc. The deleted scenes extend the action and give a little bit more dialogue for those looking beyond the action. And for those interested in how the film came together, there is some very interesting commentary from the film’s writers and director Drew and John Dowdle.

  • Cinematics
  • Entertainment Value
  • Rewatchability


Overall "No Escape" is a fun ride that is a bit far fetched. If you're looking for entertainment and a fun, action-filled ride, then this film should more than satisfy. This film lacks in some areas cinematically but the adventure to be had is what makes "No Escape" a film worth viewing.

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“No Escape” is available for purchase on DVD/Blu-ray as well as digital formats.

Tell us what you thought about “No Escape” and share your experiences and check out the video unboxing below!


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