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Oscars 2018: The Wins, The Losses, and The Unexpected

This year’s Oscars carried a more progressive and satisfactory tone with many wins for overdue talent and for more unlikely candidates. New genres of film received recognition and there were a few underdogs that won as well. As with many awards shows, not everyone will be satisfied with the results, but with that said here are the winners below with a few of my thoughts.

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5 Biggest Oscars Upsets (Nominated But Lost)

How about that Oscars night huh? ICYMI they announced La La Land as winner for Best Picture to only then reveal it was a mistake and Moonlight actually won. I’ll bet there are some who can think of cases where they WISHED that happened. You may remember last year I did a list about the Biggest Oscar Snubs well I’m back with another about the biggest upsets. It’s true it is just an honor just to be nominated however when you’re beaten by something that was inferior it can be just crazy. Now there are many classic examples you may notice aren’t on this list like “Forrest Gump” beating “Pulp Fiction” and “Shawshank Redemption” or “Driving Miss Daisy” beating “Do The Right Thing” etc. well they’re not here because honestly I agree with the Academy’s decision. Or examples like Eddie Redmayne beating Michael Keaton which is not here because I still haven’ seen “The Theory of Everything” so it’s not fair for me to compare. I will keep an open mind and give it a fair chance for when I eventually do see it. With all that out of the way let’s begin.

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Academy Awards 2017 Nominations Have ‘La La Land’ Dominating As Predicted

The official nominations for the 2017 Academy Awards are in and unsurprisingly “La La Land” leads the pack with 14. There are a few surprises both pleasant and unpleasant that may lead some to citing snubs for this year’s Oscars. But of course not everyone’s favorites can make it into the running. Check out the list below and check out Derek’s list of nominees and see how it aligns.

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Oscars Working On Diversity Problem

As has been noticed by… everyone, most of the major nominations are all white. Oscar host Chris Rock has already gotten good use out of it for comedic posts on twitter while other Hollywood figures such as Spike Lee, Jada Pinkett Smith and husband Will Smith have announced that they will be boycotting the event. In response the Oscars have decided to make some changes to make sure more women and people of color can get nominated.

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Top 5 Oscar Snubs (Not Nominated)

I love watching the Oscars every year. For this particular film buff, it’s my Superbowl.

It’s just the excitement of seeing all of Hollywood’s elite come out at the most prestigious ceremony in the land.

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