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FadCast Ep. 78 | Academy Award Winners & Losers ft. Eric

FadCast Ep. 78 | Academy Award Winners & Losers ft. Eric

FadCast Ep. 78 | Academy Award Winners & Losers ft. Eric

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Warning there is explicit language.

FadCast Podcast -

FadCast Episode 78

Episode Summary:

Today the FadCast talks about the winners and losers at the Oscars as Film Fad’s very own writer Eric joins us. We also briefly talk about Finn Jones being cast as Iron Fist and if it’s a racist move.

How did you like the show? Which is YOUR favorite episode to date? We want to know YOUR opinion, so tell us in the comment section below.

Episode Breakdown:

Pooya: You are listening to’s FadCast episode 78.

Ryan: With special guest, Film Fad’s very own writer Eric!

Pooya: Today we’ll talk about the 2016 Academy Awards.

Ryan: And give our picks of who we think should have won, nomination snubs, and who we think shouldn’t have made the list.

Pooya: That’s right! You’ll hear all that and more so let’s get started!

(Intro Music break)

Current Events – Is Iron Fist casting racist? (~6min)

“American Beauty” reenactment with Eric (~11min)

Oscar winners and losers and our picks (~23min)

Also…call in and leave us a voicemail to possibly be featured on the show at 310-651-8127!

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Ryan has been fascinated with film and pop culture since childhood. Throughout college he "played it safe" taking the more lucrative route of being a computer programmer while squeezing in film related courses where he could...but even during his post college career, he could never escape his true passion. After following one of his favorite blogs for a long time, he approached the site's Editor about writing and they reluctantly gave him a shot. He later became their Senior Writer which led to a variety of other projects, radio show appearances, features, and high profile celebrity interviews. Despite his success with blogging, he still wanted more so in order to expand his creative addiction, he merged his IT skills and blogging know-how to create which has continued to grow into a creative Mecca of pop-culture fun and integrity.   [email protected]    Film Fad

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Eric Pace

Obviously this should be the new logo for Fadcast,


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