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11.22.63 – Episode 8 – Hulu Review

Well, it’s all over. This week wasn’t the worst of the bunch, but it definitely wasn’t a memorable finale of any kind. When friends that haven’t read the book come up to you and say, “I was upset with this episode and didn’t even read the book,” then you must take my word for it and understand that this week was pretty dismal. A lot of ground and information is covered in a short amount of time, creating something that doesn’t feel rushed but it definitely doesn’t have enough of a core or a life to feel like anything substantial to you. I said last week that I didn’t care about the show or any of the characters anymore. I knew this week wasn’t going to change my mind about that, but I was hoping for a “good” episode (like week two). That didn’t happen, so unless you’re dying to see if Jake Epping saves JFK or not, then go ahead and watch it. If you’re feeling disappointed and unfulfilled by the end of this episode, then go ahead and read the book. I promise you won’t be disappointed with it.

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11.22.63 – Episode 7 – Hulu Review

This week has made me lose all hope for the show. With an interesting beginning that leaves novel-lovers salivating, you won’t get the same for the rest of the episode. Cheap emotional tricks and amateur plot devices will leave you wondering what happened to the show, rather than wondering what will happen next.

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In the Ring with Matt : Stephen King’s 11/22/63

The reason I just had a little rant about my fondness of Stephen King is because the adaptation of his novel “11/22/63” will be premiering on Hulu in February. I remember hearing about this mini-series being green lit, and I’ve specifically made it a point not to read any news or watch any trailers. That all failed when the trailer happened to burn across my television screen, tickling my excitement bug even more. The trailer does make the mini-series look appealing, but as a fan of the novel, I’m a little worried, of course.

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