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‘Space Jam 2’ Rumors May Actually Be True!

‘Space Jam 2’ Rumors May Actually Be True!


“Space Jam 2” may not be a rumor anymore!

While there have been many talking about a sequel to the basketball success “Space Jam,” continually those discussions have been shut down. When someone would announce things were “in the works” the announcement would be quickly squashed as a rumor or speculation. Now with a tweet from Roadshow Entertainment and legitimate sources confirming talks with LeBron James, the “Space Jam 2” rumor may come to fruition.

This tweet (like many others) would usually be taken with a grain of salt, but then Business Insider verified that LeBron James’ production company has partnered with Warner Bros. Once I heard this news, I started to take the “Space Jam 2” discussions a lot more serious.

SpringHill Entertainment, the production company owned by LeBron James and his longtime business partner Maverick Carter, has entered into a partnership with Warner Bros., the Wall Street Journal reports.

The original “Space Jam” is still the most successful basketball movie of all time. It made $90 million at the box office and is still discussed today. With many sports fans continually arguing about whether Michael Jordan or LeBron James is the best, a sequel with James would definitely stir controversy. Outside of that controversy, I think that LeBron James would be an optimal choice if “Space Jam 2” were to be made. He’s proved that he has personality after hosting SNL and more recently with his appearance in the Amy Schumer film “Trainwreck.”

While I still wouldn’t give this news too much attention, I will say that this is the farthest I’ve ever seen “Space Jam 2” progress. I know that LeBron James has wanted to make it happen, the fans have wanted it to happen, and now it seems that the studios may have an interest.

Do you think “Space Jam 2” will ever happen?

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